11 Reasons Why 2018 Will Finally Be Your Year

2017 is yours for the taking!

Do you feel like you’ve had a less-than-perfect 2016? For a lot of us, it’s been a bad series of years really. We’re all just waiting for that one year where things will go our way and our lives will start getting on the right track. We need a year where our career reaches new heights, where we break through emotional instability, where we can finally find a real love. We’ve had some wins over the past few years but they’re overshadowed by all our losses. Maybe, just maybe, 2017 will be the year where our winning streaks will go untarnished. Here are some reasons why 2017 will be your year at last.

1. 2017 Made You Stronger

You’re a completely different animal. Your failures have made you tougher, smarter, and stronger. You understand that you live in an imperfect world that doesn’t grant anyone favors. You know you have to work hard for anything that you want in life and you’re ready to do just that. You’ve earned your scars and now is the time to grow out of your weaknesses into a brand new stronger you.

2. You’ve Surrounded Yourself With People Who Will Support You

You’ve probably gotten through some terrible times with the people who are in your life right now. You never know how things would have turned out for you if you didn’t have such a strong support group. You’ve burned some bridges and let go of people who only add unnecessary weight to your life and you have a close-knit group of people who you can rely on for anything. They’re the only people you need moving forward.

3. You’re Optimistic, but You’re not Blind

You’ve gained some experience and you’re still young enough to maintain some optimism in your life, but you’ve also hit some rough patches that have taught you that nothing is given in this world. You know that you still have the potential to find greatness but you also understand that there are limits to that potential and you have to constantly push those limits. – Continue reading on the next page

4. You No Longer Care About the Expectations That Other People Have for You

You have a plan that you’ve set for yourself and you’re sticking to it. You’re no longer living your life based on the expectations that other people have set for you. You are your only judge and you alone can dictate the direction of your life. You only have to live up to your own personal standards.

5. You’re Fed Up With Mediocrity

You demand perfection. You’ve seen what hard work looks like and you expect nothing less from yourself or from those around you. You are no longer content with just being good enough.

6. The Future Makes You Nervous

Life’s successes are found outside of comfort zones. When you’re nervous about the future, then that’s good. You’re challenging yourself to grow and mature outside of what you’re comfortable in. You’re expanding your perspective and you’re pushing the ceiling of your potential.

7. You Always Find Yourself Being the Dumbest Person in the Room

It’s true when they say that you should never be the smartest guy in the room. When you find yourself as the inferior one in a collection of skilled people, then that means you have the biggest potential for growth. You are a blank canvas whose masterpiece has yet to be painted and are surrounding yourself with only the most skilled artists around.   – Continue reading on the next page

8. You’re More Frightened by things Staying the Same Rather than the Thought of Change

Change and uncertainty excites you. You’re no longer content with what you have and where you are at the moment. You crave more and so you yearn for change. You’re willing to take risks in order to move up higher in life. You understand that you may end up falling every now and then, but that’s better than remaining where you are.

9. Surprises Won’t Faze You

You’re experienced enough to understand that setbacks do occur and that these should be expected. You can’t let any setbacks get in the way of your motivation. Your mindset and will to succeed is as strong as it has ever been, and surprises will not faze you one bit.

10. Your Vision for the Future Looks Very Different from the Present

You have a vision of what you look like in the future and it looks nothing like the reality of your current situation. You are forward-thinking and you understand the necessary steps that you need to take in order for that vision to come to fruition. Nothing is given, everything is earned.

11. You See Yourself as a Completely Different Person than the One Who Started the Year

You’re a brand new you, and you might not have even noticed it until now. The hardships and trials that were brought upon you in 2016 have changed you for the better and you’re no longer the person you were when you started the year. You look forward to more change and you’re going to embrace the person you’re going to become without ever forgetting who you once were.

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