11 Reasons Why Old Souls Have Such A Difficult Time Finding Love

Would you consider yourself an old soul?

1. They are very self-aware and introspective.

These old souls are always very introspective and they know a great deal about who they really are as people and what they want out of life. That means they also know what they’re looking for in partners and relationships. This can lead them to be very picky and hesitant when it comes to choosing a potential mate.

2. They tend to be over thinkers.

They are a little too analytical for their own good. They love with their minds more than their hearts most of the time, and it can spell bad news for them. They always have a tendency to over analyze even the simplest aspects of relationships, and it can stress them out a great deal. Their minds overactive nature can lead to them getting burnt out a little too quickly.

3. They are deeply passionate; a little too passionate for most people.

Old souls are known to always be a very passionate bunch of people. While they do maintain an aura of intellect and calculation, they are also deeply passionate about the things in life that interest them the most. At times, their passion can get the best of them. Their passions often lead them along the lines of obsession, and that may come off as a little too intense or extreme for a lot of people.– Continue reading on the next page

4. They are more goal-oriented than they are emotional.

An old soul always maintains the belief that they are on this earth to fulfill a higher purpose. They believe in the age-old concepts of fate and destiny. They know that a storybook about their lives has already been written and that they need to live out their roles with utmost accuracy. They believe in higher callings, and if relationships happen to get in the way of what they sense as their true purpose, then the relationships will have to take a backseat.

5. They do not settle for anything less than a magical relationship.

These old souls may be a little too fantastical for their own good. They like to believe that all romantic relationships have to take on the qualities of a Nicholas Sparks novel or another Hollywood chick flick. They believe in the concepts of soulmates and romantic destinies. Any relationship that fails to live up to such standards will be branded as invalid in their eyes.

6. Very few people can be compatible with them.

Old souls can be very difficult to get along with because of their quirks and nuances. It takes a special type of person to be able to find compatibility with an old soul, and sometimes, compatibility just isn’t even enough. There has to be a perfect balance of love and compatibility between two people for a relationship to work. If you don’t have healthy doses of each, then your relationship is probably doomed.

7. They are stuck with traditional dating methods.

These are people who are reluctant to emerge from their cocoons of traditional dating. While there is something noble in the notion of only wanting to engage in traditional dating methods, they will inevitably get left behind by those who are able to adapt to modern dating schemes. It’s so much easier to get closer to people because of technology nowadays and traditional dating may come off as too worn out.– Continue reading on the next page

8. They don’t like the thrill of the chase.

Old souls hate playing hard to get. They hate treating relationships like games wherein people win or lose whenever they play. They don’t like the concept of leading people on, and sometimes, their aggressiveness can indeed get the best of them. They hate prolonged tensions between romantic partners, and they always like to experience things as they are.

9. They tend to be attracted to people who are too needy and dependent.

To start, having a relationship wherein one or both people are acting a little too dependent on the other is always a recipe for disaster. In a relationship, the people involved always have to have a sense of maturity and independence. They need to know how to take care of their own selves before they start sharing their lives with other people.

10. Their standards for a potential life partner are too high.

These old souls tend to have checklists for their potential mates, and these checklists have standards that are incredibly high. They like to idealize their dating life in a way that will mean absolute bliss for them. However, this leaves them susceptible to just having dream relationships instead of having real ones.

11. They are more afraid of getting hurt than most people.

While old souls love to give love, they are also incredibly afraid of getting hurt. They know that opening themselves up to love can leave them vulnerable for the most part, and that can turn them off to the possibilities of getting into relationships.

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