11 Reasons Why You’ll Never Be Someone’s Girlfriend

1. You are just far too selfish. You don’t make room for other people in your life and you’re just constantly thinking of yourself. You are never going to be able to be someone’s girlfriend because there is no more space in your heart for anyone else. It’s always about you. You are always just looking out for your own best interests; and that won’t fly in a relationship.

2. You hate talking about how you feel. You can’t expect men to just automatically know what’s on your mind or in your heart. You have to be able to communicate these things to them. It would be unreasonable for you to want your men to be mind-readers all of the time. If you want them to know something about you, then talk about it. Don’t shy away from conversation.

3. You never really step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to dating. You are too afraid of taking risks and putting yourself in unfamiliar situations. You have to remember that love isn’t always going to go the way that you expect it to; and that it can come from the most unexpected places. You need to be able to put yourself out there if you’re ever going to find love in your life.

4. You take a very negative approach to dating in general. You hate that you have to go through that entire process. You don’t understand that it’s really something that you HAVE to do. No matter how awkward or uncomfortable it might make you feel at first, you’re just going to have to endure it. And remember that it’s always going to be a risk that you are willing to take.

5. You just have too many things going on in your life at the moment. Yes, it’s good to never be one-dimensional. You don’t want your entire life to be defined by whether or not you’re in a relationship. You always need to be able to do other things in life as well. However, you can’t have too much on your plate either. If you’re just engaged in too many interests, you are never going to be able to find time for love and relationships. You really need to learn to prioritize properly.

6. You are just way too immature at this point. You just plainly lack the maturity that you need to be in a real and functional relationship with someone. You are the kind of person who refuses to take responsibility for your own actions. You don’t own up to your personal flaws and imperfections. You don’t have humility, patience, and open-mindedness. You really need to grow up if you want guys to be taking you seriously.

7. You are a skeptic when it comes to love. You don’t really believe in it and that’s why you just can’t seem to find it. You have to know that love exists; even if it’s not the fairytale kind of love. Love is out there, and you just need to be brave enough to go out and find it for yourself. The more cynical you are about love, the less likely that you will be able to find it for yourself.

8. You don’t budge on your standards and expectations. You are just far too demanding when it comes to looking for a potential mate. You are always wanting the kind of boyfriend who only exists in fairy tales and Hollywood movies. What you don’t realize is that real love isn’t always going to be perfect and that men are always going to have their flaws. You need to learn to be more patient and understanding of the limitations of the human male.

9. You’re just far too chained to a certain kind of lifestyle. Remember that you always need to be able to shake things up and make a few adjustments here and there especially if you’re going to accommodate another man in your life. It can’t always be just about your routine anymore. You need to be more open to change. You need to be more open to exploring a new way of going about your life.

10. You have a tendency to be a nagger. And no one likes a nagger. Yes, the world is not a perfect place; and there are plenty of things that warrant complaints. But if you’re just constantly complaining around your men, then they’re going to grow tired of listening to you talk. Instead of just complaining about these problems, do something about it.

11. You have self-esteem issues. You are dealing with so many confidence issues to the point that you make it so hard for other people to fall in love with you. You need to be able to believe in yourself more and highlight the parts of you that are worth loving. The more you love yourself, the more likely it is for another person to fall in love with you as well.

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