11 Signs That He’s Only Playing Around With You

Who wants to be played with? Very few people. In fact, it would probably be safe to say that no one wants to be played within a relationship. After all, romantic relationships are not games. If you’re genuinely interested in getting serious with someone, then you’re going to want to steer clear of guys who are only looking to keep things casual between the two of you.

But how can you tell? So many guys out there have gotten so good at hiding their manipulative and noncommittal ways. And that can be a genuine problem when you’re someone who dreams of just locking yourself down with someone. You really want to be with a guy who you know you can build a real future with. How do you arm yourself against those who are only looking to use you up on a temporary basis?

Well, there are a few signs that you can always stay on the lookout for. To know what these signs are, read on until the end of this article.

1. He still keeps dating apps on his phone.

He’s still trying to explore his options. He wants to make sure that he still has alternatives when it comes to his dating life. That’s why he hasn’t really deleted his dating apps yet. He’s still interested in exploring what’s out there.

2. He doesn’t talk about the future with you.

He doesn’t really make it seem like he’s willing to talk to you about the future. He doesn’t make it seem like he’s ready to really bring your relationship forward. He’s just content with keeping things the same. He just keeps going with the flow without any real structure or direction in your relationship.

3. He goes out a lot without inviting you.

He doesn’t really seem interested in making you feel included in his life. It’s as if you’re left to play the role of spectator. He doesn’t invite you out. He doesn’t tag you along to meet his friends. It’s as if he’s okay with the two of you living independent lives from one another

4. He has a reputation for being a f*ckboy.

Sometimes, you can tell a lot about a man based on the rumors that you might hear about him. Of course, everyone always has the potential for change. And you should always be willing to give people a chance. However, if his personality matches his reputation, then that is definitely a red flag.

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