11 Signs That She’s Too Good For You And You Should Stop Treating Her Like Crap

She really doesn’t deserve to be treated the way that you treat her.

1.  She always responds to your messages right away even when it takes you days to respond to hers.

You don’t really care much about making her wait. You don’t care about the dread and anxiety that she’s feeling with every passing hour that you don’t reply to her messages. You don’t care that she’s killing herself for your attention. You don’t care that it breaks her every time she has to follow up on a message with you. But when the tables are turned, she never makes you wait. She is always quick to respond. She would never lead you to think that she’s leaving you out to dry.

2. She makes an effort to plan your dates even when you’re always canceling on her.

She doesn’t care that she’s constantly setting herself up for disappointment. To her, you are always going to be worth the risk of getting hurt.

3. She always makes adjustments to her schedule just to spend time with you even though you would never make time for her.

She is constantly the one who is moving things around in her schedule just to make sure that the two of you manage to spend time with one another. You are never the one who adjusts. You are never the one who tries to make space for her in your life. She is always the one who has to wedge herself into your life because you always make it so hard for her to do so. It might be tiring for her, but she’s never going to stop.

4. She acts seriously about being with you even when you just continually play with her feelings.

She never plays around with you. You keep wanting to play games with her, but she’s taking everything seriously. That’s why it hurts her so much even when it practically feels like nothing to you.

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