11 Signs That You And Your Partner Are Really Committed To Your Relationship

Naturally, you will always want to know whether you are actually in a relationship with someone who is genuinely committed to you. These days, commitment isn’t necessarily something that can be determined by a mere label or a few flowery words.

You can only ever tell that someone is committed to you if they are able to show it through consistent acts and behaviors. And you will always want that kind of piece of mind in your relationship. You will always want to be with someone who you know isn’t going to stray the path. You want someone who isn’t going to still be keeping their options open. You want someone who you know is always going to have eyes just for you.

And if you want that piece of mind, then you need to make sure that you have a partner who exhibits the following signs. If you notice that your partner is actually guilty of a lot of the things that are listed here, then you can rejoice in the probability that you are with someone who is genuinely committed to being with you.

1. You spend a lot of quality time together.

We only ever really spend time on the things that are most important to us. And the more time your partner spends on you and your relationship, then the more committed they truly are to making thigs work with you.

2. Your partner includes you in a lot of their regular purchases.

Whenever your partner is out grocery shopping, they always make it a point to buy stuff for you as well. Whether it’s random food or toiletries, they always keep you in mind. That shows a kind of commitment that is only established when people are really comfortable with each other already.

3. You have already been given a key to the house/apartment.

Nothing says commitment like actually giving you a key to someone’s place of living. That means that they are comfortable and serious enough about being with you to actually hand you free access to their sanctuary.

4. Your partner has grandiosely acknowledged your love on social media.

These days, there is just no denying the prominence of social media in the relationship dynamics of various couples. And that’s why you should always consider it a good sign if your partner is actually very open and vocal about their commitment to you on their social media page.

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