11 Signs That You Are An Introvert Who Is Extroverted

A lot of people are guilty of being extroverted introverts.

A lot of people accuse you of being antisocial even though you know that you’re not. You have a nice little group of friends whom you are greatly fond of, but you also can’t stand so many other different kinds of people. Does that mean you are antisocial? Why is it that you have this weird kind of love and hate kind of relationship with people in general? You don’t understand how you can be both social and antisocial at the same time.

Perhaps you have been more accurately called an extroverted introvert. Maybe you are an extrovert in the sense that you always crave for others companionship and friendship of others. While at the same time, you may also be an introvert in the sense that it takes a while for you to really open up to others and you have difficulty getting along with other people in general.

How is it possible that you are both an introvert and an extrovert? It’s possible. In fact, a lot of people are guilty of being extroverted introverts. But how do you know for sure if you’re an extroverted introvert? Well, here are a few signs that could help you figure it out. 

1. You are really good at interacting with others

This is your extroverted self manifesting itself in your life. You are generally a good person to socially interact with because you tend to crave the attention and companionship of others. You are a good listener and you know the right words to use to please others. 

2. until it gets to the point wherein you are not.

But you have a limit to your social butterfly status. When you get fed up of people, you really get fed up. You immediately withdraw back into your shell and you become the most unsociable person in the world. This is the introverted side of you showing itself.

3. You are really good at one-on-one situations with others.

But a healthy balance for you as an extroverted introvert thrives greatly during one on one situations. You aren’t intimidated by the size and intensity of a large crowd. And you aren’t drowning in sorrow about not having anyone at your side. One on ones are your safe spots and you generally like to stay there. 

4. The thought of being in social situations makes you stressed and anxious.

While you tend to enjoy being with other people, you also get easily stressed and anxious at the thought of having to attend parties and gatherings. You are afraid that the introverted side of you will overpower your senses and you will end up making a fool of yourself. 

5. You generally enjoy being by yourself.

You love the quality time that you get to spend with yourself. You are usually known to always be productive by doing stuff like going to the gym or reading books. You value your alone time and you are always looking for excuses to isolate yourself from others.

6. And you also can’t stand it whenever you are feeling lonely.

But then it also gets to the point where you crave for some human interaction. Complete solitude and loneliness doesn’t suit you. You want to step out from the shadows and find another face that you can hopefully interact with in some shape or form. 

7. You always know how to conduct yourself when meeting others for the first time.

You are so good at making friends. You are the type of person who always makes another person feel welcome and comfortable. You know how to bring people out of their shells because you’ve been there before. You know what it’s like to be uncomfortable during social situations. And so you tend to make people feel welcome with your questions and your expressions of interest. 

8. You hate high-maintenance friendships.

You hate having to maintain those friendships with people who require a lot from you. You hate it whenever people are always demanding for your attention and your time; and they threaten you whenever you are unable to deliver. You never like having to put too much effort into maintaining your friendships. 

9. You are both good and bad at text messages.

It all depends on your particular mood. When you’re feeling somewhat extroverted, you are really quick to reply and you always manage to keep the conversation flowing smoothly. But when you are feeling kind of introverted, you will take really long to think up a response. Sometimes, you wouldn’t even make an effort to reply at all. 

10. You never know how to respond to compliments properly.

You don’t know how to deal with compliments. You weren’t trained to handle this kind of kindness and you always react awkwardly. 

11. Your friends never know if you’re going to show up for an outing. 

You are a hit or a miss whenever friends invite you to go out. They know there’s always a 50/50 chance of you showing up but they take their chances anyway because they always like to have you around whenever you make yourself available to them. 

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