11 Signs That You Are Definitely A Cancer

What makes Cancer a Cancer? There are so many things that people already assume about your personality purely just because they know that you are a Cancer. But do they really know you? Do they know just how deep your personality can get? Do they even have really any idea on what you are like as a human being?

Do you?

Sometimes, you might not realize just how strong you are because of how often people make you out to be so weak and vulnerable. You might not know yourself well enough because you always believe what everyone else is telling you about yourself. And well, it’s sad.

Here are some definitive signs that you are a Cancer – and you should be proud of every single one of them.

  1. You are a very deep and sensitive person. You always have been that way and you’re always going to be that way. There is just no changing the fact that you’re going to feel emotions at a very heightened state. People will never be able to understand the gravity of your feelings because of your great emotional depth and sensitivity.
  2. You really are a great listener. You are someone who can just have a complete conversation with someone without having to say a word. You are really great at paying attention to people and picking up on what they’re truly feeling about the situations that they are in. People find comfort in being able to open up to you about the things in their lives.
  3. You have a soul that likes to wander a lot but you always like to find your way back home at the end of the day. You have this innate obsession to take more things in. You want to be seeing more of the world and experiencing different cultures. You want to be meeting more people. But at the end of the day, you always know where your heart resides.
  4. You are just plainly obsessed with making all sorts of plans and lists. You so desperately want to live a neat and organized life that has structure and order. You might not necessarily be able to follow or execute everything to a tee. But you still find it fun to make an effort to keep everything tidy and organized.
  5. You believe yourself to be a real realist. A lot of people typically assume that you allow your feelings to get the best of you and that you are often living in some kind of emotional delusion. But don’t think that way. You still know how to cut through all of the bullshit and just stick to the reality of the situation that you’re in.
  6. You are so immensely creative. All of the emotional energy inside of you can overwhelm you at times. You tend to take on the emotional energy of the people around you and that might be too much for a single person to handle. And that’s why it all has to be channeled into something creative. But you’re so skilled at doing that.
  7. You have a mind that is constantly running wild late at night and that’s why you tend to not get enough sleep. You are constantly thinking and feeling. You don’t just ponder on your own problems in your own life. But you also want to see how other people are dealing with their own personal issues as well.
  8. You have a very unique way with words. You are very skilled at just making use of prose and language to make sure that people understand what you’re trying to say. You would make for a really good poet or writer. You find it so easy to express yourself in the form of your words and it makes you such an effective communicator.
  9. You have a very high level of intuition. You are someone who really knows how to listen and pay attention to your instincts. You listen to your gut. You’re not just all about what you think of a situation. It’s not always about the analytics. You also know how to tap into how you feel before you come to a decision.
  10. You can have some very drastic mood swings. You can go from crying to laughing in just a matter of minutes. That’s how profoundly you are able to express your feelings and emotions. They always demand a very extreme kind of reaction from you.
  11. You are a very introverted person at heart. You always like to be able to confide and find comfort in yourself. You often find yourself feeling overwhelmed by being surrounded by so many people all of the time. You always cherish whatever time you can get to just be on your own.
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