11 Signs That You Deserve More From Your Partner

You deserve more than this.

1. They don’t really give you a sense of security after you open up to them.

You are always so transparent and open to them, but they are never the same with you. You can never really get the kind of security that you need from them. They never really give you the honesty, consistency, and the stability that people usually look for in a relationship even though your life is practically an open book for them.

2. Their friends and family are shocked that you’re still together.

Their friends and family are so used to having their usual relationship partners just breaking up with them. They know that when you first got together, you were bound to get fed up some time. But you’re still there and they’re surprised to see how long you’ve been willing to endure this relationship.

3. They don’t share your enthusiasm for your personal successes in life.

They look at your personal achievements and they act nonchalant about it. You’re practically jumping up and down with joy every time they get something done with their own lives. But when they see that you’re making a name for yourself, they don’t really give you any signs of enthusiasm.

4. They act more like your competitor than your teammate.

They are always looking to one-up you in life. Whenever you do something that is noteworthy or whenever you achieve a major life milestone, they will want to show you up. Instead of just being happy and supportive of you, they will compete with you because they wouldn’t want you to have the spotlight. They want all of the attention to be on them.

5. You are always the giver but never the recipient of any meaningful gifts or tokens.

In a relationship, it must always be a give and take kind of system. But the give and take doesn’t necessarily always have to take the form of material gifts. Nevertheless, if you find that you’re the only one in the relationship who actually takes the time and effort to pick out some meaningful gifts for your partner whether there’s a special occasion or not, it speaks volumes about the level of investment that the both of you have in the relationship.

6. They never make an effort to look good or presentable for you.

You always try your best to look aesthetically pleasing to your partner because you know that physical attraction is important in any relationship. However, they grow complacent, and they don’t even put any effort into how they look anymore.

7. They don’t respond well to criticism but they are so quick to criticize you.

There should always be room for criticism in a relationship but it should never be a one-sided kind of criticism, and it should be criticism that is delivered with love and sensitivity. You take whatever criticisms your partner throws your way because you always want to take these as learning opportunities for growth and development. They don’t really see things that way. Whenever you criticize them, they feel like you are just attacking their character and making them feel bad about who they are. They take things too personally because their egos are too fragile.

8. They are only looking to pleasure themselves in bed.

If you have an active sex life, you always have to make it a point to constantly work in ways that benefit the both of you. It’s the same give and take dynamic except in sexual form. But it’s totally unfair if you’re the one who constantly has to put in the extra effort to meet your partner’s sexual needs when they refuse to do the same for you.

9. You are the one who does all the planning and preparation on behalf of both of you.

You are the only one who seems to be invested in the future of the relationship. You are the only acting adult here and you are the one who does all of the planning and preparation for the both of you. Your partner always acts nonchalantly and is practically just coasting through life while you’re trying to keep everything together.

10. They act emotionally immature and insensitive.

They never really give you the kind of emotional maturity that you would expect from someone who claims to be ready for a romantic relationship. Ideally, you would never want to get into a relationship with someone who doesn’t have any real emotional maturity.

11. They actually tell you that you deserve more than what you’re getting.

And the most blatant sign that you probably deserve more from your partner is when they actually make the admission. As rare as it may be, there are some incredibly self-aware people out there who recognize that they are under-performing in the relationship. And it’s even rarer for these self-aware people to actually be honest and humble enough to acknowledge and admit that you probably deserve to be with someone who treats you better.

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