11 Signs That You Have Officially Found Your Forever Person

There are actually plenty of indicators within a relationship that can tell you whether it’s going to be built to last or not. There are just certain traits, habits, and characteristics, that one would typically find within these strong and happy relationships. There are certain consistencies and patterns that are present in the couples who have the capacity to go all the way. It’s just that a lot of people tend to overlook these feelings out of absent-mindedness or just plain ignorance of what these signs might be.

And what ends up happening is these people might take their loving partners and near-perfect relationships for granted. You would never want that to happen to you. You would never want your partner to feel like you don’t value and appreciate them; that you’re not grateful for them and thankful for your relationship. That’s why you want to be able to distinguish whether what you have with someone is something special or not.

If a lot of these signs apply to you and your partner, then rejoice, you are lucky enough to have found your forever person.

1. They always stay mindful of your needs and feelings.

They always make sure that your needs and feelings are kept in mind. They never act selfishly around you. They never do or say anything without first thinking about how it might impact you. They always want you to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

2. They make you feel accepted for who you really are.

They do whatever they can to make you feel accepted for who you really are. They would never make you feel judged or criticized. They would never do or say anything that would make you feel like you aren’t enough for them.

3. They make you feel safe and secure.

They always do their part in ensuring your safety and security. They will do whatever it takes to make sure that you never have to feel insecure or scared about being in a relationship with them. They will want to take care of all of your fears and apprehensions.

4. They open themselves up to you.

They allow themselves to be as open and as vulnerable to you as possible. They really want you to know that they wouldn’t want to hide anything from you. They wouldn’t want to make you feel like you don’t have access to their life. Nothing is off-limits for you.

5. They support you in the pursuit of your goals and dreams.

They really make it a point to support you in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. They always try their best to never have to make you choose between going after your dreams and being in a relationship with them. They want to make you feel like you never have to compromise one or the other.

6. They talk about the future with you.

They show a willingness to talk about the future with you. They want to let you know that they’re not just about living in the present. They’re not looking for temporary flings or short-term hookups. They really want a genuine future with you, and they want to include you in the planning process.

7. They really prioritize spending time with you.

They want you to know just how important you are and the relationship is to them. They wouldn’t want you to feel like you have to come in second place to anything or anyone. You aren’t just another option. You are a real priority.

8. They try their best to learn as much as they can about you.

They never stop making an effort to get to know more about you. They always try their best to explore your personality and your thoughts on life. They know that there is always something new to learn about you – and they never stop trying to do so.

9. They inspire you to be the best possible version of yourself.

They always push you to become the best possible version of yourself. Somehow, being around them and being in the relationship just inspires you to want to become a better human being. You are even more motivated to always be on your best behavior when you’re together.

10. They act as your source of strength whenever you’re weak.

Whenever you feel like life is getting a little overwhelming, you know that you can always count on them to be there for you. They actually help propel you forward to wherever you need to be no matter how harsh or tough life might get.

11. They try to make you laugh and smile as much as possible.

They always try to prioritize your happiness above most other things. They really take it upon themselves to make you laugh and smile as much as possible.

  1. I guess I have found the one. My
    Story is crazy. We met in 1980 & were together until 1988. Even lived overseas for a year together. Split up & my heart was broken for a few years & I thought I’d never have closure. Both got married & raised kids. Found each other again 25 years later on FB & emailed (platonically) for 13 years. My marriage ended after 23 years ( infidelity on the defendants part). In June of this year my soul mate came to see me & told me he too was divorced & that his 30 year marriage was a nightmare. I had no idea @ this during our entire 13 years of emailing family updates & arguing about politics. We had dinner & he came from Va to NY to see me for 5 months. I retired from the film business & now live in Va w/ the ❤️ of my life & my true soulmate at age 67.Why did this happen? Who knows. Right person wrong time. The clock of life as I call it. If you aren’t both aligned it won’t work.

  2. They divorce you after 39 years of being a phony. As soon as I retired and didn’t take 6 figures home anymore, she dumped me. All my money is in her business. There are no true relationships.

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