11 Signs That Your Boyfriend is Too Self-Centered

Ego can kill a relationship like a slow-acting poison.

There should be enough room for two egos in a relationship. When one ego is ballooning to the size of a blimp, then that is a cause for concern. You would never want to be caught in a relationship with a guy who thinks too highly of himself. A man who is too self-centered will most likely be a man who is selfish and who is always looking out for his own safety.

If given the chance, he would probably end up using you as a human shield because he sees himself as far too valuable. The red flags of a conceited and narcissistic man are there for all to see. It’s all a matter of keeping an eye out for the signs.

When you do see the red flags early on in a relationship, it’s best to get out as fast as you can. Find yourself a man who is generous and who thinks more highly of others than he does of himself. You deserve a man whose whole world will revolve around you and not around himself.

Here are 11 signs that your boyfriend is too self-centered:

1. He never includes you in the decision-making process.

He doesn’t value your opinion because to him, the only opinion that matters is his own. Whenever there are decisions to be made, he never includes you in the process. He always gets to decide where you’re having dinner, what movie you’re seeing, where you’re going for vacation, and important decisions like where you’ll be moving in together.

2. He treats your relationship like a competition.

He’s never really happy for you when you accomplish your goals. Whenever achievements or recognitions come your way, he always tries to one-up you. He doesn’t like it when the attention is on people other than himself.

3. He lies to you all the time to protect his self-interests.

If he doesn’t want to go out on a date with you, he will have no problem lying about a work project to get out of it. He really couldn’t care less about how dishonesty would make you feel so as long as he gets what he wants. He prioritizes his wants over the feelings of everyone else.В – Continue reading on the next page

4. He doesn’t make an effort to please you in bed.

Forget about asking him to go down on you. He’s not going to care. All he wants is for you to pleasure him the best way possible. It doesn’t matter whether you orgasm or not. That’s not in his best interests. It’s all about giving him a good time, and you should just try to enjoy the ride as well.

5. He does whatever he wants without thinking about how it would make you feel.

Your thoughts, feelings, and opinions don’t interest him at all. He’s too caught up thinking about his own desires that he blatantly disregards the feelings of other people. Even if you end up getting hurt in the process, so as long as his needs are satisfied, he won’t really care.

6. He still flirts with other girls.

He still wants to prove that he has the game to land other girls. He’s too full of himself and he thinks that girls are constantly trying to win him over. He thinks he has the great ability to swoon any girl that he fancies and so he does give it a try every once in a while.

7. He’s not willing to shell out cash for you every once in a while.

Paying for dates? Forget about him shelling out cash for a grand dinner with you. It’s just not in the cards. He’s never willing to spend his money for you in grand manners. His money is largely reserved for himself and his own toys.

8. He acts like a spoiled brat when he doesn’t get what he wants.

He’s an entitled little brat and he thinks he deserves all the things that he wants in life. He doesn’t believe in having to work hard for the things that he wants. He gets upset when things don’t go his way because he believes that the world should revolve around him.В – Continue reading on the next page

9. He is obsessed with his reputation.

He is a little too self-conscious to the point that he’s obsessed with how others perceive him. He always wants to be the cool guy that other people are jealous of even though he doesn’t really have that much to offer.

10. He doesn’t care about you when you’re hurt.

If you’ve had a bad day and want to go home to a supportive boyfriend, forget about finding solace in this guy. He’s too self-absorbed to even realize that there’s something wrong with you. He’s too busy to care about other people because his mind is fully devoted to his own feelings.

11. He has a plan for the future and it only involves himself.

A future with you? He’s not even thinking about it. So why put yourself through all this trouble? You deserve a man who sees an actual future with you in it.

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