11 Signs that Your Girlfriend is Worth Holding On To

Is she worth fighting for?

Luck is a rare commodity in the universe of love. It’s rare for anyone to find the exact right love at the exact right time. But for those who are lucky enough, finding the right love at the right time is a life-changing experience. It’s a beauty unto itself to fall in love with someone who loves you back, and for the universe to work in your favor.

When you find that seemingly perfect love, you’re going to have to work hard to not let it go. The dynamics of a relationship have long been established and have stood the test of time. It’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, there will be dark days, and on those days, you just have to remember that she’s worth fighting for. Here are 12 basic signs that your girlfriend is worth holding on to:

1. She’s Beautiful

It’s all too clich to say that beauty is a relative and abstract concept, but I think guys generally know when they see a girl they find beautiful. Beauty can mean many things to many people, it’s true, so when you think your girl is beautiful both inside and out, she’s probably worth keeping.

2. She’s Kind

It’s not always about physical beauty. A person’s looks and appearances can only get them so far. How a lady conducts herself in the company of others is the true mark of a lady. If your girl has a heart of gold that is always looking out for the best in people, then that’s a good sign.

3. She Loves You Unconditionally

What more can you ask? She loves you unconditionally; meaning she’ll love you no matter the circumstance. If you love her back, then there’s not much to think about really. Keep her.

4. She Challenges You Intellectually

When you’re committed to a long-term relationship with someone else, it’s always important that you challenge each other intellectually. That’s how you grow as individuals and how you keep things mentally fresh and vivacious. You won’t want a girl who’s agreeing with you all the time, and submitting to your every word. – Continue reading on the next page

5. She’s Strong and Independent

Gone are the days where women are merely relegated to doing mere house and family work. Gone are the days where women aren’t expected to be able to defend themselves. Gone are the days where women aren’t expected to be more financially successful than men. Women are capable of great things in this modern era, so when you find yourself a strong and independent woman who can take care of herself, keep her.

6. She’s Willing to Make Compromises

Relationships are always about give-and-take. You’re going to have to make sacrifices in order for things to work. The ideal girlfriend is one who is willing to make some sacrifices and compromises for the sake of the relationship. Her willingness to compromise means that she is selfless and she places the needs of the relationship above her own. Make sure you’re making compromises of your own as well!

7. She Calls You Out When You’re Wrong

Let’s face it. You’re not perfect. You’re going to screw up every now and then and that should be okay. When you do screw up, your girlfriend should be the first one to point it out. She’s not doing it to humiliate or belittle you. She’s doing it because she loves you and she wants you to always live up to your potential. She wants you to always the best version for yourself and she’s definitely worth fighting for because of it.

8. She’s Full of Life

One of the many struggles that long-term couples have to endure is the monotony of monogamy. A lot of times, relationships falter because couples find themselves in ruts that they can’t get out of. Finding a girl who is full of life, who is vivacious, and is always willing to take on new adventures with you is a great sign. It means that she’s willing to explore new things with you by her side for as long as you’re together.В  – Continue reading on the next page

9. She’s Goal-Oriented and Highly Motivated

Just believe us when we say that it’s a bad idea to get into a relationship with someone who is demotivated and has no clear direction in life. If it’s a long-term relationship that you’re looking for, you’ll want to be safe and secure with someone who knows what direction she’ll be taking in life and what role you’ll be playing in her future. Find a girl who is forward-thinking and never let her go.

10. She’s Passionate

There are few things that are more attractive about a person than when they are passionate about something. Passion incites commitment, precision, practice, and zeal. Whether she’s passionate about literature, music, careers, relationships, or whatnot, finding any passionate girl is always a must for guys.

11. You’re Crazy About Her

No fuss here. If you’re crazy about her and she makes your heart skip a beat even at just the soft mention of her name, then yeah, she’s worth fighting for. Fight for the love of those who make you happy.

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