11 Signs That Your Partner Is A Retrosexual

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No, it’s not cool to have a retrosexual for a partner. It’s not a unique quirk that you can be proud of. And if you’re not entirely sure about what a retrosexual is, then this article is perfect for you. By the time you finish reading this, you will have realized whether your partner really is a retrosexual or not. Here are 12 signs that your partner is a retrosexual:

1. They are essentially stuck in the 2000’s.

They think that it’s still cool to be playing music out of Walkmans and outdated iPods. They still wear bootcut jeans and they use chains to keep their wallets in their pockets. They are still stuck on 2000s pop culture and it’s sad how they just can’t seem to let go of the past. There’s a difference between being classic and just plain outdated. 

2. They still think it’s cool to be emotionally damaged.

They are the kind of people who think that it’s much better to leave negative feelings and emotions unresolved. They would rather go about their days having unaddressed anxiety, rage, bitterness, sadness, and whatever other negative emotion there is under the sun. They think that somehow, harbouring negative emotions makes someone cooler and more interesting. 

3. They compare you to their past partners.

They have no regard for what’s in front of them at the moment. The retrosexual will always find a way to destroy and invalidate the beauty of the present by bringing up the beauty of the past. Just because the past is beautiful, doesn’t mean that it still has its place in the present. 

4. They don’t really give you the trust that you deserve.

A retrosexual just wouldn’t be able to give you the kind of trust that you deserve in a relationship even when you’ve done everything you possibly can to try and earn it. 

5. They are incredibly insecure about themselves.

It’s very important to be able to make this delineation. Just because a man is insecure doesn’t automatically mean that he is going to be a retrosexual. However, it’s a given that all retrosexual men are indeed very insecure about themselves. They have severe self-esteem and confidence issues that lead them to wanting to act out and overcompensate by trying to seem edgy and unique when in fact, they’re just like everyone else. 

6. They always prefer to go to unpopular places that nobody has ever heard of.

In their efforts to try to come off as unique and special, they will constantly refuse to give in to public pressure even though public pressure makes all the sense. They will not want to visit popular bars or restaurants for dates. They would rather take you to some crappy gimmicky restaurant on the weird side of town just so they can seem cool. 

7. They are fresh out of a failed relationship.

Again, not to say that all people who are fresh out of a failed relationship are retrosexuals. It’s just highly likely that a person who is just emerging from a heartbreaking breakup is someone who is likely to be a retrosexual. Some people carry retrosexual behavior all the way, and for some, it just lasts for a short period of time. 

8. They still believe in outdated gender roles and responsibilities.

The retrosexual is definitely the type of person who believes in the whole concept of the man being the provider and the woman being the caregiver. It’s a very outdated gender belief system, but they still cling to it because they’re practically still living in the past. 

9. They treat their exes like items out of a recycling bin.

The retrosexual is stuck in the past and so they will constantly be looking to the past for renewed experiences rather than just going out and finding completely new experiences for themselves. Instead of exploring the dating scene and meeting new people, they would much rather just ring up an old flame and try to rekindle whatever fire still remains there. 

10. They nag all of the time even when you’ve just met.

If on the first date, your partner is constantly nagging and complaining about just how much life sucks, then it’s highly likely that you’re dating a retrosexual. A retrosexual has no filter, and they will want to talk about how sucky their life is even if they’ve just met the person they’re talking with. 

11. They are firm believers that the best days are stuck in the past.  

The retrosexual will always be too stuck in the past to be able to acknowledge the value of having an eye for the future. They won’t want to plan for anything because they are too busy reminiscing about the great old days of yesteryear. They won’t find it all too easy to live in the moment because they are occupying themselves with their old memories of the past. 

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