11 Important Signs You Are With The Person You Should Marry

Signs You Are With The Person You Should Marry

How do you know if you should marry someone?

While being the most fantasized moment of our lives, marriage is also one of the most dreaded experiences and hey, why not? It is one of the biggest decisions of our lives, changes almost everything, with the right person these changes will be for the better and long-lasting.
So, how do we know if we have found the right one, they sure don’t come with flashing red lights or a halo on their heads, if only that was possible, but in the real world, you have to look out for these pointers.

Here are some happy signs you are with the person you should marry.

1. You feel at home with them

There is a feeling of comfort with this person, an unmatched sense of familiarity, the time spent with them is free of any pretense. They are easy to talk to, about anything and everything, you can go from having a deep conversation with them to talking about nothing in particular, or just share a peaceful silence with them. It is extremely easy being with them.

2. You want similar things in life

This does not necessarily mean working in the same profession, that will just be a bonus, but you know that life will constantly change and grow but it will not affect your relationship, you will grow together. Your long term goals run parallel to each other; whether it is choosing which city to live in, marriage, kids etc, you two are on the same page.

3. You get along with each other’s family

This one’s important, marriage is not just a bond between two people, but two families. Having a harmonious relationship with each other’s family will make things easier and happier, you won’t have to deal with the family drama all the time, you can enjoy spending time with your partner’s family and consequently, it will also strengthen your relationship.

4. You crave for their presence

It’s not like you two can’t be all by yourself, you just prefer not to, because you miss them when they are not around. You enjoy each other’s company, it makes you happy. You give each other space but even when you are doing fun things with your friends, like watching a movie, you think what your partner would’ve said at this dialogue or how hard they would’ve laughed, their presence just makes everything better.

5. You make big decisions together

Whether it’s moving to a new house, getting a pet, changing your career, etc; you two always make decisions keeping your partner in mind, instead of being selfish and doing things your way and enforcing your choices. You discuss things, explore all options, consider each other’s feelings and then take the big steps. You think ‘we’ rather than ‘me’.

6. There is no judging

We all have things that we are not very proud of, we don’t reveal this side to everyone as it makes us vulnerable especially if we feel it could be used against us. When you are with the right person, you feel comfortable in revealing your true self to them, they know all your deepest, darkest secrets, and the best part is that they still love you, they accept your good with the bad. If you want to see how close you are to them, just go through all the things that you have revealed about yourself to them and how much more you are willing to share.

7. You are an exemplary couple

When you are happy in a relationship, you radiate positive vibes. Your friends, family, colleagues even strangers can feel love. Anybody could tell how much you two love each other, while the troubled couples look at you with envy.

8. You have managed to surpass the rough times

Life is not all about rainbows and butterflies, there is no way you have a healthy relationship without recalling a few ‘serious’ fights. If you have managed to go through these tough times and came out stronger, then it means you know how to keep the fights away from the breaking point. You know how to fight fair.

9. You are not just lovers, but best friends

There is a sense of trust and loyalty between you two, you guys have fun together, and it doesn’t matter if you share the same sense of humor as long as it gets you to crack a smile. Your partner is the first person that comes to your mind when you want to share some big news, know that a new movie is releasing, you love them not just as your significant other but as a person.

10. They are your support system

The person you want to share your life with should be your ultimate support system. Life has the ability to throw all kinds of challenges at us, in times like these you need your partner who balances you out, they give you strength. You know you can win any battle as long as they are by your side.

11. You have imagined a future with them

You have married them in your head more times than you remember, it’s because you can see a future with them, planning a life with them doesn’t give you cold feet, instead, it brings a smile to your face and you are ready to take the next step with them.

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