11 Signs Your Man Misses You Whenever You’re Not Around

1. He’s always trying to come into contact with you whenever you’re not together. Whenever you share or post something online, he’ll always be so eager to give you a quick like or a simple comment. He will find any excuses to slide into your messages. He’s even going to be the type of guy who would just send you random text messages out of the blue. He will find almost any excuse to interact with you.

2. He always low key tries to set plans to meet up with you. He will text you about a new coffee place that might just have opened up and he’ll ask you if you want to check it out with him. Or maybe he’ll casually bring up the news of how a popular band is coming into town and he’ll invite you to the concert with him. He’s always looking for reasons to spend time with you.

3. Whenever you’re talking to one another, he’ll always find a way to inject some personal anecdotes and memories that you’ve shared into the conversation. It’s his way of trying to become more intimate with you. It’s his method of trying to get closer to you. He will want to tap into your nostalgia to endear you to him even further.

4. He can’t go for too long without interacting with you in any capacity. He always has to be able to talk to you or interact with you to a certain extent every so often. He just can’t help himself. He loves the fact that you’re in his life. And he kicks himself for every moment that he spends without you there. He always wants to be in contact with you as much as possible.

5. He gets really flustered and excited whenever you run into one another unexpectedly. Usually, when the two of you are just hanging out, he seems just fine. But that’s only because he gets to prepare himself for whenever he sees you. But if you run into each other unexpectedly, it really catches him off guard and it throws him off his game. It’s almost like he gets a little anxiety attack whenever the two of you see each other randomly.

6. Whatever time the two of you do manage to spend together, he really does his best to stretch it. He makes the most of it to the best of his abilities. He will want to prolong every conversation that you have by asking you so many questions. If he’s driving you back to your place, he’ll make sure to be driving really slowly. He won’t want to rush the time you spend together.

7. He always keeps track of important dates. If it’s your birthday, he’s always going to be quick to send you a birthday greeting just so he can talk to you. If you casually mentioned to him in the past about an upcoming exam that you have to take, he will be sure to wish you good luck on that day as well. He lives for these little opportunities he gets to interact with you.

8. He downplays or undersells the other men in your world. Whenever you bring up other boys during your conversations, he will find a way to deflect from these conversations. He will find a way to change the topic. Or he will somehow downplay the significance of these men in your life. He’s going to try to paint these boys in a bad light so that he ends up coming ahead of all of them in your perspective.

9. He’s always going to be so willing to shower you with compliments and kind words. He will never shy away from letting you know just how enamored he is by you. He is captivated and enchanted by you; and he isn’t going to be holding anything back. He’s going to let you know just how significant of an impact your existence has on his life. He’s always going to be so quick to just throw flowery words at your direction.

10. He’s always going to give you plenty of attention whenever the two of you are together. He’s always going to make you feel like you are free to express yourself. He is always going to make you feel like you are the most interesting person in his eyes; that everything you have to say is something that is always going to be worth listening to. He will never make you feel ashamed about anything you might have to say. He will always give validation to your thoughts and your entire existence.

11. He texts you whenever he’s under the influence of alcohol. As they say, a drunken mind speaks sober thoughts. And he’s going to be so quick to text you the moment that alcohol takes over his system. It’s almost instinctual to him.

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