11 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

If you want to know the real truth, the statistics just aren’t going to be on your side. Studies have shown that more than 74% of women have engaged in emotional affairs outside of their marriages. Additional statistics show that 65% of women cheat on their men as a result of being unhappy in their relationship and more than 50% of women have cheated on their husbands more than once.

Of course, there are a lot of signs that may indicate that your girl is actually cheating on you. She might be having some weird behavioral shifts. But it’s important that you make yourself aware of these signs because you never want to be made a fool out of. You always want to make sure that the woman you’re with is always going to stay loyal and true to you. You always want a wife who doesn’t betray your trust. Read on to find out about what signs you should be keeping an eye out for:

  1. She starts experimenting with you in bed out of the blue. She has some new moves all for a sudden. She’s incorporating new positions and techniques into your routine. And for what? It’s simple. It’s either she is using you as practice for things she can try with someone else or you’re the beneficiary of all the experimentations she has done with someone else.
  2. She starts giving you a lot of space in your relationship – even the kind of space that you didn’t really ask for. She doesn’t really feel the need to close that gap between the two of you anymore. She’s not invested in the relationship to the point that she wants to build intimacy with you. She just lets you do your own thing while she does her own thing as well.
  3. She gets really secretive about her behavior. Whenever you ask her about plans, she always gives you really vague and ambiguous answers. She doesn’t really give you the sense that she’s comfortable with opening up to you about anything in your relationship anymore.
  4. She doesn’t really get angry or jealous in your relationship anymore. Whenever you screw up in the relationship, she doesn’t really get angry or upset with you. Whenever you spend more time on other things, she doesn’t act jealous anymore. Why? Because the guilt that she feels as a result of betraying you doesn’t allow her to do so.
  5. She acts extra nice and loving towards you – more than usual. A sudden character shift in the relationship is always going to be a red flag even when it’s of the positive kind. Yes, you always want your girl to be treating you better. However, it might all just be an act. She might just be overcompensating because she feels guilty about cheating on you behind your back.
  6. She asks you about weird hypotheticals that revolve around unfaithfulness and infidelity. She asks you if you would ever cheat on her. She asks if it would ever be possible for people to fall in love with individuals outside of the relationship. You should definitely be taking these inquiries as red flags with the things that are going on in her life.
  7. You find new clothes, accessories, or perfumes in her closet that you have never seen before. It’s either she’s wearing these for a guy you are not completely aware of or someone else is getting these things for her. You should definitely be wary of when you find out that your girl has some hidden lingerie that she’s been keeping from you.
  8. You notice that she smells a lot more different than how she typically smells. She’s probably been exposing herself to another person for a prolonged period of time. And that’s how this new smell is really rubbing off on her.
  9. She tells you that she is spending a lot of time on work a lot. Or she might tell you that she is going out with her girlfriends really often. You should always be concerned when you find that your girlfriend is spending more time on something else because she might be cheating on you and lying to you in the process.
  10. She starts to develop new habits or she takes on some very new interests. We tend to imitate the people that we like and are most exposed to. And that’s why if she’s taking on new mannerisms and interests, then that’s probably because she’s been spending a lot of time with another particular person.
  11. She acts very sketchily with her phone and her computer a lot. You definitely get the sense that she’s trying to hide something from you and it’s probably all of the evidence of her infidelity.
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