11 Signs you’re falling for him that he has no idea of

Are you falling for him?

If nothing else is going to, feelings surely set a thick dividing line between men and women. In contrast to their highly straightforward nature, women aren’t that straightforward about their feelings. Their yes might mean no; their efforts to push you away might mean they want you closer; the anger might mean more love on the inside. It works opposite for them, these thing we call ‘feelings.’

That being said, sometimes women might do or say things that might lead their men to think they aren’t interested in them. That’s where the dilemma is. The only reason a woman might do or say those things is because she’s interested in a man.

Some of them are:

1. You want to spend the whole day with them

    It’s only natural that when you’re infatuated with, you feel the want to be around them more than usual. The guy you’re interested in might be a boring jock to the rest of the world, but not to you. That will make spending time with him the favorite part of your day, no matter what you’re doing.

    2. He’s the first thing on your mind when you wake up

      You spend all night thinking about him. You fall asleep with the sound of his voice booming in your ears, like a lullaby. And so, you wake up with the thought of him as the first thing in your mind. What he’s doing, if he’s okay, checking up on himall that accumulates to the fact that you really like him and care about how he’s doing. A call, a text, a personal quick visit to his place, whatever it is you’re eager to see how his morning is going.

      3. You make sacrifices for him

        When you change your eating and sleeping habits for him or move to the country for him or change your dressing sense for him or bring in any other minor change in your life then it’s a definite sign that you like him a lot. It’s for when we genuinely like someone so much that we find making sacrifices for them worth it.

        4. You just can’t get enough of them

          It doesn’t matter to you who is watching and where – you just can’t keep your hands off of them, regardless of how hard you try. The feelings go haywire and your self-control becomes a total stranger to you.

          5. You don’t mind his flaws

            Life is tough. Dealing and facing with your own flaws can often take a rough toll on you. However, when you really like a guy, his flaws will not matter to you and you’ll face the consequences arising from those flaws like they are your own. You wouldn’t want him to be anyone else but himself, as his imperfections will seem unique to him.

            6. You make future plans with him

              The matter speaks for itself, don’t you think? You like a guy and often during those long conversations, you find yourself making future plans with himall the while using ˜we’ for the both of you. It means you like him enough to be there with him in the future too.

              And what’s amazing about this is that the thought of the unknown doesn’t scare you anymore either, knowing he’ll be there for you. You simply put the ˜we’ in every sentence and let him tag along from there.

              7. You don’t let fights ruin anything

                No matter how serious the fights and arguments might be, you manage to hold on to a silver lining. Throwing away what you have with him over some petty issues isn’t the right thing to do and you know it from the depths of your bones.

                8. You trust him wholeheartedly

                  You trust him with your whole head, heart and soul. Even if he’s a flirt, it doesn’t change the fact that he’ll come back to you and so, you put all your faith in him. You have faith that he will not hurt you and even if he does, you will see him as worthy of the struggle.

                  9. Even the thought of him gives you a peace of mind

                    When you are sad or hurting, even the thought of him makes you immediately feel better. It doesn’t matter what he does, but just his presence gives you great comfort and makes you feel like you’re at home.

                    10. He makes you laugh more so than others do

                      It is only natural that when you’re falling for him, even his dark or sadistic sense of humor will make you laugh. If you think he’s funny, he will make you smile no matter which mood you’re in.

                      11. You are happy from the little things

                        Little things count the most: spending Sunday afternoon with him, hearing him laugh openly, a nice warm hug from himbecause you are falling for him, you begin to see beauty and happiness in every little thing he does. You don’t have any expectations from him, and yet even the little things like these he does light up your day like nothing else does.

                        Ladies, talk to me

                        Are you falling for him? Which of these signs can you relate with? Let me know in the comments below!

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