11 Subtle Signs He’s Starting To Fall For You

You’re getting anxious because you want to know how he feels about you but you’re too shy to ask him.

Great. You meet a guy that you genuinely like and he seems somewhat interested in you but you can’t tell for sure just how serious he is. You get excited at the prospect of getting serious with someone, but you don’t want to get your hopes up in case the feelings aren’t exactly real. You’re getting anxious because you want to know how he feels about you but you’re too shy to ask him. Well, you could just go ahead and try to spot the signals by reading between the lines. Here are 12 subtle signs he’s starting to fall for you: 

1. You find him staring at you.

It may be a little creepy to a lot of people, but it’s the truth. There’s really no other reason why a person you’re dating would be staring at you so much. They are falling so hard for you and they just love being able to take in the sight of you. You give them a sort of visual stimulation that they can’t possibly find anywhere else.

2. You find out that he talks about you in a positive light to his friends.

If you get word that he actually talks about you to his friends, then that means you’re constantly on his mind and that’s a really good sign. And if you also find out that the stuff that he says about you is really positive, then that’s a clear-cut sign that they’re falling for you and you should just keep doing what you’re doing.

3. He randomly texts you about the most foolish things.

He will find the most random excuse just to talk to you and so he would randomly send you silly jokes and foolish memes just to get a conversation going.

4. He makes sure to spend most (if not all) of his free time with you.

He knows that time is a valuable thing and he would never want to waste it on the most mundane activities or the most random people. You are important to him and he wants you to know it by spending a huge bulk of his time with you. You just aren’t another person in his life.

5. He kisses you like he actually means it.

The kiss. A lot of people kiss like it’s no big deal. A lot of people consider the kiss to be the most important symbol of physical intimacy in a relationship. The truth is that a kiss really does have the ability to tell you a lot about the relationship that you’re in. If you find that your partner is starting to kiss you with more passion and with more meaning, then you can know for sure that they’re falling for you.

6. He enjoys cuddling with you.

If he enjoys cuddling with you, then there’s a really good chance that he’s falling for you. He wants you to feel safe in his arms. Otherwise, he would just get up and leave.

7. He finds out and remembers all of the little things about you.

He not only listens to you whenever you talk to him, but he actually pays attention. He really takes to heart the things that you tell him, no matter how big or how small they might be. He makes sure to remember even the littlest things about you.

8. He lets you know that he misses you.

A man would rarely ever humble himself enough to tell a woman that he misses her unless he were truly in love with her or at the very least, if he was falling for her. So if he tells you that he misses you whenever you’re not together, it’s purely because he genuinely enjoys your company and he hates it whenever you’re not around.

9. He deliberately stops interacting with other women.

He knows how much anxiety it would cause you to see him interacting with other women. He doesn’t want to send you any more mixed signals. He wants to show you that he’s actually serious about being with you and he’s not looking to play around with any other girls anymore. You’re all that he wants and he doesn’t want you to doubt it.

10. He opens up about his deepest feelings and emotions with you.

He is willing to be vulnerable enough with you to actually open up to you about his most intimate thoughts and feelings. He wants you to know that he actually trusts you enough to reveal the most vulnerable parts of himself. He wants you to know that he’s comfortable enough with you to let you into his heart. He wants you to know that he’s falling for you and he can’t help it.

11. He drops hints of commitment in your conversation.

When a man commits to you, then that’s when you really know that they’ve really fallen for you. Commitment can manifest itself in a hundred different ways. Perhaps they start planning in the long-term with you in mind; that’s a blatant sign that they already envision a far-off future with you by their side. It’s a clear indication that they’ve fallen for you and that they’re in it for the long haul.

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