11 Things That Will Turn Off Your Man Even If He Really Likes You

1. You only ever seem to talk about the negative things in your life. Yes, life can be such a drag sometimes. There are moments where you feel like nothing is going right. And that’s okay. But ultimately, you should still be able to recognize all the positive things in life. You should ALWAYS be able to look at the silver lining. And if you’re more negative than you are positive when you’re around him, you’re just going to end up bringing him down.

2. You act like a spoiled brat and a sore loser a lot. Remember that you have to be a mature adult if you really want to be able to make a relationship work. And part of being a responsible adult is being able to handle difficult situations well. If you’re just going to act like a spoiled brat whenever you don’t get your way in life, he isn’t really going to want to have much to do with you.

3. You still look at other boys even when you’re out on dates with him. Yes, you aren’t immune to being tempted to still check out other guys, but at the very least, hide those temptations from him. When you’re with him, make sure that he gets all of your focus and attention. Make sure that he feels like you’re really prioritizing him above everything and everyone else.

4. You get jealous whenever he starts talking to or about another woman. You have to know that just because you’re together doesn’t mean that you get to be the only girl in his life. Sure, he’s always supposed to prioritize you and make sure that you aren’t threatened by anyone else. But you shouldn’t be barring him from having other lady friends either.

5.You don’t give him his own space to be himself outside of your relationship. You never want him to have his time for himself. You always want to be clinging at his side and you get upset whenever he asks you for occasional privacy. Remember that just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that he has to give up all of his time for you. You need to be able to give him his personal freedom even if you don’t want to.

6. When you stir up drama and talk about people behind their backs when you’re with him, he doesn’t really like that. You have to know that guys hate drama. Guys hate anything that has to do with unnecessary drama. And if you’re going to start attracting drama into your life and into your relationship as well, he isn’t going to want to be a part of that. He’s not going to want to be spending much time with you if that’s the case.

7. You don’t seem to be willing or able to keep up with him on having deep and meaningful conversations. You are always resorting to gossip and small talk. Sure, small talk works every once in a while. But ultimately, getting into an intimate relationship with someone means being able to talk about the serious stuff as well. You need to be able to go deep and show him that you’re not just another airhead who is all looks but no brains.

8. You put too much monetary value on everything. You are always asking and wondering about how much something costs. You value finances over meaning and depth. Whenever he gives you a gift, you are far more interested in how much it costs over the effort that he made in getting you that gift in the first place.

9. You don’t set any real goals or ambitions for your life. You are always just coasting and floating along with the wind. You don’t have any real direction or structure in the way that you go about this world. You are constantly just chasing every temporary high and you don’t really have a real vision for what your future is going to look like. You’re essentially just running around grabbing at everything you see until you get bored with it.

10. You resort to saying “I’m fine” even when you’re clearly not instead of just talking to him about it. You shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that he doesn’t want to talk about the things that are bothering you. He is always going to want to discuss the things that you have issues with. And you have to show him that willingness as well.

11.You don’t really make an effort to get closer to the most important people in his life. Remember that you aren’t just inheriting him; you’re inheriting every single aspect of what makes him himself. And that means being able to get along with the people who have helped shape him to be who he is now.

  1. It’s all about maturity on both sides. 50/50 always or it won’t work.
    Plenty of men are exactly your description (of what type of woman they prefer not to date.) and we don’t like it. Goes both ways.

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