11 Things Couples Should Try At Least Once To Increase Their Intimacy

It’s true. The flame of passion in a relationship is a fleeting one when it’s left unattended. We all live in such a fast-paced world these days. Everyone seems to have their hands full because no one wants to get left behind when everybody else seems to be rushing through life at the speed of life. Unfortunately, our desire to stay with the pack has led us to disregard or relationships often.

While this may not be true for all couples, it’s no secret that there are many relationships that go down the drain just because most couples don’t take the time and effort to build on their passion and intimacy with one another. While life doesn’t necessarily have to be made up of a relationship alone, that doesn’t mean that the relationship should be taking a constant backseat to everything else either. It’s always important for couples to make it a point to consciously work on their romance if they don’t want to end up losing it.  

And the best part about this is that it’s not particularly difficult having to maintain the passion in the relationship. It’s just a matter of being open-minded and willing enough to actually try some techniques and activities that you may have never thought of before. It’s much easier to get into a relationship than it is to maintain one. But maintaining a relationship doesn’t always have to be so difficult. Here are 11 things you should be willing to try with your partner at least once in an effort to build on your level of intimacy and passion.

1. Do it while in the shower together.

Shower sex is fun. Not only are you enjoying each other’s physical bodies in a new environment, but you’re also conserving water. You’re saving your relationship and the environment at the same time. Just make sure to be careful with your movements so as to avoid any unwanted injuries.

2. Do it in a public place.

There’s an exhilaration that comes with having sex in an inappropriate place. The thrill of trying not to get caught adds to the fun.

3. Go ice skating for date night.

There’s something very cute and intimate about just holding each other’s hands as you try to navigate your way through the slippery ice together. You’re also essentially trying to keep each other warm with your body heat.

4. Incorporate the use of food during foreplay.

It’s essentially throwing a monkey wrench into the machine of your sex life but in a good way. Don’t be afraid to make use of food or toys when you have sex just to mix things up.

5. Watch porn with one another.

Porn is great. It isn’t as dirty or as classless as a lot of people would actually lead you to believe. There’s nothing wrong with watching a couple of professionals do what they do best on screen. You and your partner could probably even pick up a few tips and tricks along the way.

6. Visit the beach for a date.

The sunshine. The sound of the waves. The feel of the sand underneath your feet. The sight of people in minimal clothing. What can be sexier than that? Visit the beach for a fun date with your partner and let the therapeutic sight of the ocean rekindle your romantic flame.

7. Massage one another before or after doing it.

Massages are great for foreplay and they’re great for post-sex intimacy as well. Never underestimate the power of the physical touch.

8. Cook for your dinner date together.

Dinner dates at home are great. You don’t always have to go out to a fancy restaurant to have dinner and enjoy each other’s company. You could choose to stay in and make things interesting by cooking what you’re going to eat. It will give you a chance to bond and really appreciate one another as you try to a task done.

9. Immerse yourself in the great outdoors together.

There’s something very natural and organic about just spending a night under the stars in the great outdoors. Go back to your primal roots as human beings and rediscover the raw nature of your sensuality together. Make a memorable experience out of the entire thing.

10. Roleplay.

It can be quite exhilarating to put yourselves in other peoples’ shoes. You don’t have to be Oscar-caliber actors to enjoy role-playing. You will see that it adds a whole new layer of intimacy and sensuality to the bedroom when you get to act being different people.

11. Write sexy love notes to one another.

What can be sexier than good old fashioned literature? In today’s world, we are constantly connected. We’re constantly staring at phone screens and computer monitors. Take some time to just disconnect and put some pen to paper. Write down your feelings for one another even the most intimate parts.

  1. First, go to one of your Dr.s together and see what they may be able to recommend? They know what meds your on, they know your physical capabilities. Beyond that, some simple hugs (not rib breaking), ear nibbles, holding hands, light massages, maybe a warm swimming pool (some what private preferable), feed each other yogurt or ice cream while looking into each other’s eyes, those little kisses when each other has does something nice. Watch some romantic movies together. Most of all, be nice to each other.

  2. We seem to be on the right track. I’ve been doing all 11 and more for many, many years. Which I feel has been a strong reason to the longevity of our friendship, love and marriage.

    I would also add that it’s important to do the simple things that show you still care.

    Nice gestures when they’re not expected.

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