11 Things He Does Outside Of The Bedroom That You Love

He does activities that he’s not interested in because he knows they’re important to you.

Here areВ 11 things he does outside of the bedroom that you love:

1. He opens the door for you.

Chivalry is not dead and your boyfriend is living proof of it. He is a true gentleman at all times, but especially when he’s around you. You always manage to bring out the best in him, and you love that about him. You inspire him to be a well-bred and likeable person. He always carries himself with a sense of grace and tact that is rare with most men and it’s all because of how he feels about you.

2. He takes care of you when you’re not feeling well.

He may not be a professionally licensed nurse or doctor, but he might as well be with the way he takes care of you when you’re sick. He makes trips to the drug store to get you the meds that you need. He buys you the healthy food that you need to get better. He accompanies you during your trips to the actual doctor. He’s also okay with the fact that you might contaminate him with your sickness. He believes that you’re worth getting sick over.

3. He does activities that he’s not interested in because he knows they’re important to you.

He watches all those sappy romantic movies that you like even though they bore the hell out of him. He accompanies you to the museum even though he doesn’t have a developed appreciate for art. He lets you hog the remote when you’re both watching TV. He does these things because he knows that it’s important for you that you do activities together.

4. He makes an effort to be liked by your friends.

He knows how important your friends are to you and so he always makes an effort to slowly integrate himself into your social circles. He wants to be liked by your friends because he doesn’t want to put you in a position wherein you have to choose between him and your friends. He always reaches out to your friends as if they were his own, and it shows in how receptive they are of him.В – Continue reading on the next page

5. He tells you that you look nice even when you’re not in makeup.

You could be wearing the ugliest rags in the world; you could look like you’ve just gotten out of bed with some saliva still on your face. It wouldn’t matter. To him, you are the most beautiful woman in the world and he never fails to tell you about it. He isn’t afraid of letting you know that he finds you pretty at all times of the day regardless of the setting.

6. He helps carry your bags when you’re shopping.

Every woman knows how boys hate accompanying their girls on shopping sprees. But of course, the most loving boyfriends will be there for their girlfriends all the time. In fact, the best boyfriends are the ones who assist their girlfriends with their shopping. Even simple gestures like offering to carry the bags are enough to make a girl blush.

7. He has no problem holding your hand in public.

He doesn’t necessarily have to be so keen on PDA, but it feels nice to know that he would willingly hold your hand in public as if to say that he wants other people to know that you’re off the market. He’s protective of you and would never want to leave you alone during your walks. It’s his way of saying that he’s always going to be at your side, ready to hold your hand when you need him to.

8. He gives you compliments constantly.

He never wants you to doubt yourself. He is always looking to make sure that you are confident about who you are. He doesn’t tolerate any form of insecurity that can build up within you and he will always serve as your number one supporter. He is your most ardent cheerleader and he makes you feel like he is always pushing you to be the best possible version of yourself.В – Continue reading on the next page

9. He does random romantic gestures for you.

He brings you lunch to your office even when you don’t ask. He makes you coffee for when you make up in the morning. He’ll come home with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a box of pizza in the other to cheer you up after a long and stressful day. It’s simple gestures like these that make you feel all giddy inside.

10. He asks you what you’re thinking.

There are few greater things in life than having a man who takes genuine interest in your life. It’s quite the feeling to know that your boyfriend really cares about what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling at all times. It’s flattering to note that someone can be so invested in your life.

11. He respects you.

Respect is the foundation for the strongest relationships, and he always makes sure to treat you with utmost respect. He treats you like a goddess that is worthy of genuine adoration and care. He never leaves you in want, and he always manages to make you feel content and fulfilled.

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