11 Things He Hates That You Do (But Won’t Tell You About)

The truth has been spoken!

1. You always expect him to fork out the cash.

It’s a new age. Women are perfectly capable of earning their own money these days. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean that you get the right to have your boyfriend pay for everything on your behalf. Sure, he’s going to offer to pay every once in a while, but he would deeply appreciate it more if you offered to just split the bill. That’s the fairest way to go about financial talk.

2. You don’t treat his belongings with care.

It may not be obvious, but men always try to treat their belongings with the utmost care. If you ding his car when you borrow it for a drive, then it’s going to make him upset. If you get a stain on a shirt of his that you’ve borrowed, then he’s going to get mad. If you drop his cellphone while you were using it, then that really isn’t going to make him happy. Learn to treat his belongings with the kind of care that you would treat yours with.

3. You leave a mess in the bathroom.

A bathroom is a place of cleanliness and serenity. There is absolutely no excuse for you to be leaving clothes lying around everywhere outside of the laundry hamper. It’s understandable that your hair will cause a bigger mess than men’s hair would, but at least make an effort to not leave clumps of your hair around in random places. 

4. You speak ill of him when you’re talking to your parents.

Whatever issues you have with him, or whatever problems you are trying to work through in your relationship should be kept between the two of you. There is no excuse for you airing your relationship’s dirty laundry out in the open. Also, he never wants your parents to think ill of him, and he would deeply appreciate it if you didn’t badmouth him.

5. You drink more than you are able to handle.

Nobody likes having to take care of a drunk person. Sure, it was meant to be a fun night out with friends, but the fun stops when you aren’t able to handle your alcohol anymore. Guess who is going to have to take care of you when things start getting out of control: your boyfriend. It’s not easy taking care of a drunk person especially when there is vomit involved. Don’t subject your man to that kind of torture and learn to drink responsibly.

6. You start fights with him in public.

The last thing he wants in the relationship is unnecessary drama; especially when it’s the drama that is made public. Men tend to be a lot more discreet than women, and they hate it when their personal drama gets caught up in the lives of other people. Stop trying to pick fights with him in the presence of other people. Whatever issues you have with each other can be settled in the confines of your own home or apartment.

7. You try to change how he looks.

He already has his sense of style and identity. It would be very belittling and demeaning if you turned him into your own little fashion project. It would be okay for you to let him know about your opinions on how he dresses or cuts his hair, but you should never be imposing.

8. You make him the butt of your jokes in front of your friends.

No one ever likes being the butt of the joke. Sure, it’s important for people to develop a sense of humor, but no one ever really enjoys being ridiculed in public. Avoid making him the butt of your jokes just to get a laugh out of your friends. It’s essentially telling him that you don’t respect him as a person and you are willing to damage his ego to prop yourself up.

9. You stop making an effort to look attractive to him.

Just because you’re together and he has already expressed his love for you doesn’t mean you should stop trying in the relationship. You should both still be making constant efforts to love each other more and more every day. That means keeping in shape, staying healthy, and dressing nicely for each other.

10. You make your own plans without consulting him or letting him know.

The very fact that you’ve consented to be in a relationship with each other means that your time is no longer entirely your own. You are choosing to share your time with each other, and it can be upsetting for him to know that you make plans without consulting him first. You should both maintain open lines of communication with each other at all times.

11. You put pressure on him to move faster in the relationship.

Don’t rush him into anything. Let the relationship take its natural course and be patient. Just because you’re ready to jump into marriage doesn’t mean he’s ready too. You have to be considerate of each other’s pace and you should both be willing to make a compromise. You can’t be pressuring each other into anything.

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