11 Things He Hates That You Do (But Won’t Tell You About)

The truth has been spoken!

1. You always expect him to fork out the cash.

It’s a new age. Women are perfectly capable of earning their own money these days. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean that you get the right to have your boyfriend pay for everything on your behalf. Sure, he’s going to offer to pay every once in a while, but he would deeply appreciate it more if you offered to just split the bill. That’s the fairest way to go about financial talk.

2. You don’t treat his belongings with care.

It may not be obvious, but men always try to treat their belongings with the utmost care. If you ding his car when you borrow it for a drive, then it’s going to make him upset. If you get a stain on a shirt of his that you’ve borrowed, then he’s going to get mad. If you drop his cellphone while you were using it, then that really isn’t going to make him happy. Learn to treat his belongings with the kind of care that you would treat yours with.

3. You leave a mess in the bathroom.

A bathroom is a place of cleanliness and serenity. There is absolutely no excuse for you to be leaving clothes lying around everywhere outside of the laundry hamper. It’s understandable that your hair will cause a bigger mess than men’s hair would, but at least make an effort to not leave clumps of your hair around in random places. 

4. You speak ill of him when you’re talking to your parents.

Whatever issues you have with him, or whatever problems you are trying to work through in your relationship should be kept between the two of you. There is no excuse for you airing your relationship’s dirty laundry out in the open. Also, he never wants your parents to think ill of him, and he would deeply appreciate it if you didn’t badmouth him.

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