11 Things Men Pay Attention To But You Don’t

Men, raise your hands!

A lot of times in relationships, people can get very comfortable with each other to the point wherein they lose a sense of self-awareness. They believe that they have a love and relationship that is so genuine, they feel like they can be perfectly comfortable with being their true selves.

As a result, these people don’t really pay attention to how they conduct themselves in front of their partner anymore. There is a level of comfort, trust, and security there that takes a long while for couples to really develop and nurture.

If you’ve gotten to that point in the relationship wherein you feel perfectly comfortable with your man, then good for you. But you have to remember that just because you no longer pay attention to yourself as much as you used to doesn’t mean that it’s the same for your man.

If he’s still madly in love with you, then he is paying every single bit of attention he can to every fiber of your being. He notices every single thing that you do because he loves you.

Here are a few examples of things that your man notices about you even though you don’t think twice about it…

1. How much you eat?

You just eat whatever. Sure, you have your set diet in place, but you don’t really think much about it. You eat however much just feels natural to you. But your man notices. He loves it when you have a hearty appetite so he won’t have to feel guilty about eating a lot.

2. How much makeup do you put on every day?

You may think it to be a natural routine for you, but he still takes notice. He wants to know what kind of day you’re expecting to have based on the makeup you’re putting on. He knows that your makeup is a direct manifestation of what you’re feeling on a particular day.

3. What you drink?

What you drink at the end of a long day is going to give him an idea about the kind of day you just had. If you’re having a margarita or a cocktail, then he’ll know that you’re looking for a good time at the moment. If you’re going for a beer, then he will think that you’re just trying to blow off some steam.

4. A color you usually wear.

Your color choices when it comes to your apparel may seem like it’s something innate; natural to you. You don’t even have to think much about it in the mornings when you’re dressing up. He notices though. He thinks that your favorite color choices are reflections of your mood.

  1. I am living with a man that doesn’t want me to leave but he doesn’t want a relationship either.but he started seeing someone 9 months after I moved in. He says don’t get feelings for him. He says he’s gonna be with whom ever he wants cause he loves sex. When I told him fine then I’ll find me someone he replied that if I have someone then I then I need to just leave. I replied it’s okay for you to find another relationship but I’m to stay here alone. He spent the entire summer on his new house boat that I’m not allowed to be at.

    1. In this case you should have been long gone a long time ago. Dont get feelings for him ? Whatever Romeo !!

    2. You need to move out. Find a new man. If he’s gone, you don’t have a relationship. Don’t tell him what you are doing.

  2. Girl it’s time to move on, live is short show this man you got self-esteem, self worth you can do better ?without him

  3. He wants to know you’re still there when he has nothing. That’s telling you ‘You’re better than nothing’..You are SOOO much better than that! . Dump him like a hot potato and find someone who will show you some respect.

  4. That man is using you for times he has no other ladies and why waste your life on a man who clearly doesn’t care about you. Life is to short to waste even a minute of.

  5. Get the hell out!! No one deserves to be treated that way. You deserve so much better! I wasted 20 years with an asshole. Life got so much better once I finally woke up and left…

  6. this is gojng to be hard, but only at first. but before i tell you what i would do, let me make this perfectly clear…. You are unique and special in your own way, and you deserve to have love and someone to make you feel special, all people do. now for his vehavior, just unexceptable!! and if yoj stay there your only tellibg him that its ok to be treated like such. when someone has lowered their standards and began allowing another to treat them like a option or even a convience then it truly means that your in all honesty needing to leave them, and find you again. cause if someone doesnt love themselves, it only is showong everyone else that … if i only lovevmyself this much, then that the bar/marker you have set for them. so know your worth!! because just being a livjbg being you have the righy to be lived!! and when you truly love yourself, you have expectations. expectations show him that he has to prove to you that he’s serious and if they know up frony that you have expectations so if he sticks around to prove himself, then most of the time they are serious about wanting more then just sex, or friends with benefits.

  7. Play the same game on him then leave him high and dry after he gets his feelings hurt maybe I’m not the one you should be ?

  8. Don’t even tell him just move out when he is gone block him on everything and ghost him for good and don’t go back don’t talk to him when he finds u to reach out to you girl u gotta get out of that situation and just ghost him best thing u can do for your self and in a few months he’ll either want to be with u and give u what u deserve bc he will know u are finally serious or you can give yourself the chance to move on find someone else to make up happy

  9. I’ve got big tits, even after having a breast reduction. I’ve always wanted small perky tits with puffy nipples.

  10. Well me and my boyfriend has got a bit kind of contactless. Like we used to be in a touch for half an hour’s per day but suddenly it change lik after 4,5 days or a week ?

  11. Wearing Brown And Purple Clothing As I Sometimes Am Wearing Brown And Purple Clothing OR Wearing The Same Brand That I Wear OR Wearing Shorts And
    A Colored T-Shirt. That’s What Interests Me.

  12. I’m a guy and I’m telling you he doesn’t care about you one bit.. Are you mentally challenged?Get The Hell Out!!!!!!

  13. Can anyone spell anything anymore? Hey lady, you know what you need to do, dump that deadbeat asshole! If you let a man treat you that way, then you obviously like it. Respect yourself, and others will too!!!!

  14. He sounds like a narcissist to me. Does he like to play nice for a few days and then out of nowhere start picking a fight with you over anything and everything? (Usually there’s sex in-between the two moods and/or he’s really funny and sweet) Does he use the fights as a reason to cut off communication with you ie: disappear, no reply to phone, won’t speak to you when in same room? Does he have you questioning what you did wrong a lot based on his “mood”? Does he call you names then say jk? Does he withdraw affection when you need it most? Does he start a fight with you anytime y’all are supposed to attend an event or do something together in hopes of ruining the whole thing? Is nothing ever his fault? Does he ever take responsibility for anything? Has he ever admitted he was wrong? I could go on, but this makes my heart hurt being able to type up things a narcissist does so easily and so spot on now. I tell you what my dear I have a total of 17 years of dating Cluster B personality types and I’ve only been dating for 24 years, I spent 3 of those years completely abstaining from sexual contact with anyone as I needed to find myself and try to get my head right. The invisible scars that they leave on your heart and your soul are life changing and forever if you don’t take the time to escape and heal. Take it from a narcissist abuse victim it only gets worse and your mental health don’t mean shit to them. Their only wish is to see you wriggle and squirm out of sheer desperation for them to love you as they starve you of your soul and all that’s good about you. They want you down, beaten, defeated, weak and they will make sure you are at your lowest with nothing under their complete control and that’s when they leave you. I am 42 years old and I can honestly say I’ve NEVER been truly loved back by any man I’ve ever loved, don’t be like me. I’ll pray for you✌️?

  15. I met my guy after taking a hiatus from dating because I needed to focus on some health issues I’m still dealing with…but that’s besides my point. We met kind of accidentally online and I wasn’t trying to meet anyone and he wasn’t either because he was going through a bitter divorce. But, after talking to him for a little while he wanted to meet in person. I had just endured kidney stones so I put meeting him off for two weeks while I healed. But, we met just two weeks from our first chat and I knew we were meant to be together from the very first day we met. I was 49 years old and never married because I didn’t want to settle for anything less than true , genuine love! I have never experienced anything like him! He was honest (almost to a fault….but I loved his transparency!) He included me in every aspect of his life…and introduced me to his friends and family…who are all wonderful people who I loved from the start! They made me feel very included in everything and made it clear that they approved of me! (No one was a fan of his ex….so I think it was rather easy to fit in) He made me know where he was at and invited me to join him wherever he was. I felt I could trust him and he’s never given me any reason to doubt him. He and I are still together going on three years and I fall in love with him over and over because although he’s far from perfect…..we just make sense. I have never felt more trust, security, love and that I could be myself with anyone else like I do with him. We consider the date we first met as our anniversary because we have been together every day since and now live together and I love in such a strong relationship that makes me so happy I waited for the right guy!! Sometimes we need to focus on ourselves and when you can be happy alone…..then the doors open up for the person who you are meant to be with! It’s strange that the last thing I was looking for….ended up being the thing that 8 needed most! And now….I can’t imagine my life with anyone else! He’s definitely the person I was meant to grow old with!

    So….please learn to love yourself enough to not settle for anyone who does not make you feel loved or who you can’t trust! Believe me…when you choose to love yourself first….the rest will happen when you least expect it!! I thought most men would think my health issues would be too much to deal with…but my guy thinks of me as being the strongest and kindest person he knows because of what I deal with. He makes me feel like I’m worth it despite the things I endure. I never knew this kind of love actually was possible after so much time of being single. But….when it’s meant to be…God finds a way to make it happen!! One more thing …we realized that we grew up in the same town our entire lives but never crossed paths…and we also lived 14 houses away from each other for the last decade…but I had never heard of him before! Which is rather unusual for the place we live. If you don’t know someone…you usually have mutual friends and at least know of them…but I had never heard his name mentioned by anyone…ever! It’s funny to think of now because I didn’t realize that the person I was meant to be with was so close to me and I never knew it until our paths crossed online one day! And…the rest is history….OUR HISTORY!

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