11 Things To Do To Turn Your Relationship From Good To Great

Started from the bottom, now we here.

1. Always keep going back to the roots of your relationship.

It may seem counter-intuitive at first. You want to take your relationship from good to great, but why does that mean you have to keep going back to your roots? Well, it’s simple. When you go back to the roots of your relationship, you are essentially constantly reminding yourselves of the reason that you got together in the first place. You are always staying true to your raw feelings for one another.

2. Be expressive and communicate your needs effectively.

You can’t expect your partner to be a mind-reader. You have to be able to effectively communicate your needs and your expectations in the relationship. The only way for you to really solve the problems in your relationship is if you address them head on. You need to be able to bring them out into the open and acknowledge their existence if you really want to fix them.

3. Never stop learning what you can about your partner.

You should be obsessed about your partner the way that a scientist would be obsessed with a complex mathematical equation. It’s always a constant process of discovery and learning. Every day that you spend together in your relationship, you should always be learning more and more about one another. You grow and develop and you change as individuals, and so the learning just never stops.

4. Make it a point to consistently communicate with one another in the relationship.

If it’s possible for you to set a routine in the way that you communicate with one another, then even better. But it’s not a total necessity. You might not be a routine type of couple. The point here is that you never fall short of communicating with one another sufficiently. It’s the most effective way of maintaining and strengthening the bond that you have with each other.

5. Work on your physical intimacy on a consistent basis.

Kisses. Hugs. Hand-holds. They all matter. They may seem like very simple and little gestures that don’t carry much weight. But when you do them consistently and if you are sincere with these little expressions of physical intimacy, they go a long way in actually building the emotional connection that the both of you share in the relationship.

6. Be creative when you plan for dates.

Date nights are great. They take you back to the early parts of your relationship when you were still getting to know one another. But the deeper you get into the relationship, the less nervous and awkward things are. At this point, you can just really focus on enjoying one another’s company and you feel completely at ease with each other. But that doesn’t mean that you should be getting comfortable and complacent. You have to be able to mix things up. Sure, the standard dinner out together is fine. But incorporate some new activities into the mix just to keep things interesting between the both of you.

7. Have a healthy and adventurous sex life.

Sex is always going to be a very important aspect of a modern relationship. There’s just no downplaying the value of sex in a romance these days. It’s nice to have your solid go-to moves that you can fall back on. But the best couples are those who really aren’t afraid to be fully vulnerable with one another. They aren’t afraid to explore and be adventurous in the sack.

8. Take some time to mentally de-stress for yourselves as individuals.

Sometimes, you just need some time for yourself. And that’s normal. It’s perfectly okay. It’s part of being human. Take some time to develop yourselves as individuals. Take a break from the relationship and just recharge for a bit. It takes so much pressure of from the relationship when you do so.

9. Learn to pick your battles more effectively and efficiently.

Not every battle is worth having. Not every fight is worth winning. Remember that in relationships, you have to pick and choose your spots. There’s no point in winning a pointless argument if it’s only going to end up bruising your relationship in the long run. Learn to let things go. Detach yourself from the need to be right all the time.

10. Go deep in your conversations with one another.

When you talk to one another, really talk to one another. It can’t just be about gossip or the weather. It can’t be just about what happened on the latest episode of your favorite TV show. Your conversations have to have depth and meaning if you’re really looking to connect with each other.

11. Make it a point to really listen to one another.

A lot of what comprises communication is listening. In fact, that’s what communication should really be about. It’s not just about being able to express yourself. It’s about making a genuine effort to listen to your partner and to understand where they’re coming from; just so you can see things from their perspective. 

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