11 Things Men Find Most Disgusting

Men, do you agree?

In truth, there are some universally accepted standards of what people generally find disgusting. However, there are also some very gender-specific standards of disgust that you may not know about. There is no denying that men and women are always going to be separated by some sort of philosophical wall. That’s the very reason they tend to always take very dissimilar outlooks on life. This is also the reason why men and women often engage in a lot of misunderstandings. What is obvious to one gender may not necessarily be so obvious to the other.

There are some things that women do which they truly deem to be innocent acts. However, in the eyes of a lot of men, these sins can be downright cardinal. Men find a lot of seemingly normal things that women do absolutely disgusting, and women need to know about it if they’re looking to win over a man’s affection. You don’t necessarily have to change who you are if you want a man to be attracted to you, but you are going to have to tone down a little at the very least.

1. You don’t shave or wax the hair on the different parts of your body.

The hair on the arms. Hair in the armpits. The hair on the legs. To a lot of men, this just doesn’t look good. If you always expect our man to maintain a clean and well-groomed face, then you have to do the same with your body as well.

2. You wear too much makeup.

Men like it to be all natural, ladies. Yes, you can wear some makeup to further bring out your natural beauty, but when you wear makeup to the point where you look like a different person, your man will find it disgusting. It will also make him feel like you’re trying to deceive him about your looks with makeup.

3. You can’t control your drinks.

Nobody likes taking care of the drunk kid. So the next time you go out for a night of heavy drinking, make sure that you maintain a sense of self-control. If you can’t handle the substanceВ you’re taking in, learn how to say no. It’s a big turn-off for men whenever they see women who aren’t responsible enough to handle their substanceВ intake.

4. You don’t make an effort to fix your hair.

No. No one just wakes up looking like Beyonce. Your man is constantly working hard to make himself physically attractive to you, and you should also put in the same effort. It’s not cute when you just leave the house without at least combing or washing your hair. You will only end up looking like a homeless person.

5. You act shallow and materialistic.

Know this: men are always attracted to women who espouse great depth and wisdom. It’s a big turn-off for them when women subject themselves to shallowness and materialistic tendencies. If you show him that only lavish and luxurious materials can make you happy, then you can be assured that he will be disgusted at you.

6. You don’t practice good oral hygiene.

This might be one of the items on the list that EVERYONE would find disgusting. Practicing basic good oral hygiene is an unwritten law of human civilization. You can’t expect a man to want to kiss your germ-infested mouth. Brush your teeth after every meal and use some mouthwash every once in a while.

7. You smoke way too much.

This can be a hit or miss. A lot of men like to smoke themselves and they would also be okay with their women lighting up every once in a while. However, for the vast majority of men who don’t smoke, they can see this as a big turn-off. Smoking is dangerous and it can destroy a person’s body. To add to that, the smell that sticks to a smoker is far from being pleasant.

8. You use profane and vulgar language.

Always maintain tact, grace, elegance, and poise whenever you conduct yourself. A man will always be more attracted to a princess than a peasant. So you should just stop using profanities every time you talk. Expand your vocabulary and impress your man with your wits and intelligence.

9. You do too much tanning.

This is related to the too much makeup item. Men like it when their women are able to carry their natural beauty around. They don’t have to resort to artificial methods of beautification. Sometimes, when taken to the extreme, it can drive a man away.

10. You try too hard to act cute.

Your baby talk and dumb-blonde act are not cute; it’s immature. Men don’t like it when their women play the incompetent damsel in distress all the time. They don’t want their women to be unnaturally cute. They want their women to be strong and independent.

11. You use too much perfume.

It can cause a headache. Splashing on a couple of sprays should be fine, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want your perfume to overshadow your glowing personality.

    1. You tell ‘em! Men do plenty more disgusting things! That’s why I’m a feminist and idgaf about womanizers such as this

    2. I know right. Some people are perfect n have NO flaws. Wish I had tht ticket, nope I don’t cause I’m me. If u don’t like me now than u never liked me before it was all an act. Cause I’m going to be continue to be me because I haven’t changed I’ve been like this to my whole relationship. U maybe need to look in a mirror n let someone pick u apart.

      1. What on EARTH are you talking about? What she is saying is that we don’t have to change for you and should be ourselves. “We 2 billion when your 5 billion.” One, that’s not what she was talking about. Second, what is with that “You’re not that special”?

  1. All this is saying is what med don’t like about women. Some men see past some and others don’t. Women have things that men don’t like men and some May over look those things. I don’t think this was meant to be offensive.

    1. Here we don’t need to shout out “why only men? why not women? “, no Catty?😅
      Nothing offensive, so let it slide, ya? Ha ha.

  2. I can agree on all of these. But I think women would disapprove of most, but not all, of these.
    I think women would prefer to have good oral hygiene, would prefer to drink moderately, and a few others. On the other hand, I find that many women enjoy their makeup to the point of excess.

    1. So how can they see what n when she doing all these things? What are all y’all looking there the windows, oh yea it’s thoses people tht have been watching for 4 yrs now. Leave it be. Go look in the mirror

    2. You are quite correct. Except for the make-up, which is not my cup of tea.
      I do prefer being, clean, elegant, and intelligent. I find it refreshing that men prefer that in a woman. I also appreciate the fact that men still have standards.

  3. There are plenty of lists out there pointing out what man things disgusts women. This is a pretty accurate list. My wife gets mad at me when I tell her these same things. I’m glad others see them too.

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