11 Things You Never Knew Men Find Ridiculously Hot

Here are some things that you do that your man finds so incredibly hot.

There are numerous ways in which men express their love and affection for women. Sometimes, love can be expressed through gifts like flowers, chocolates, clothes, and other such material items. Other times, love can be expressed with immaterial gestures like devoting time, patience, and commitment to his significant other.

Men love their women in so many ways; more than anyone can possibly keep track of. That’s why it should come to no surprise that there are some secret ways a man can love his woman without her even knowing it.

Men are typically seen as rugged and macho beings who aren’t vulnerable to emotions or love, but once a man falls for a girl, all bets are off. A man falls and he falls very hard. A man is a physical being and so there is no denying the factor physical attraction plays in any relationship. But you don’t have to brand a man as materialistic and shallow right away.

A lot of men don’t objectify women for just their looks, but they will give in to their animal instincts for even the simplest of things.

Here are some things that you do that your man finds so incredibly hot.

1. Subtle Stretching

He loves it when you make your little stretches while in bed. The way that reaches for your toes whenever you get off a chair. There are few things more sexually invigorating for a man than watching his girl stretch wearing nothing but her underwear.

2. Sweat

It might not be very obvious to some, but sweat can be quite the aphrodisiac. It’s been scientifically proven that sweat has chemicals within them that can trigger significant hormonal responses. Also, it makes a girl like she’s been physically active.

3. Flabby Parts

Don’t worry about having a jiggly butt or a flabby tummy. Flabs are in these days, but just make sure you don’t go overboard. Having girls who are skinny to the bone just isn’t as attractive as a woman who has meat around her. That’s the general consensus for guys these days.

4. Your Angry Face

There’s something inherently sexy about a woman who has a natural resting scorn face. A woman who looks angry looks like a woman who is incredibly passionate about something. Passion translates to high levels of affection and intimacy in any relationship.

5. The Messy Hair Bun

That moment right after a girl gets out of bed and just before she steps into the shower, and she decides to tie her hair into a messy bun is very stimulating for any man. Additional points if she happens to be cooking breakfast in her underwear while sporting the messy bun. The men love the casual and sexy nature of the messy hair bun.

6. Small Breasts

Small doesn’t mean bad. Don’t worry if you’re not particularly gifted in the chest area. Men love all breasts whether small or large. In fact, a lot of men will find large breasts repulsive because of their tendencies to be fake. Small breasts mean that they are natural and untarnished.

7. Independence

Men are always attracted to women who know how to take charge. They like it whenever a woman acts like a boss and takes command of any situation. It’s very nice for men to see when women start taking positions of power. Dominance and strength are very admirable qualities in women in the modern age.

8. The After-Bath Look

The moment you step out of the shower with nothing but your towel or your robe on is driving your man’s hormones crazy. You look so clean and pure that he feels the urge to just dirty you up again. You may not know it but he’s very stimulated whenever you emerge in your after-bath look.

9. The Bare Face Look

No makeup. A man loves it when his woman is barefaced because it reveals her very raw and natural beauty. It also lets him know that she’s comfortable with him seeing her as she truly is; as if she’s secure about her true self whenever she’s with him. As much as he loves you when you get all dolled up, he loves you just as much when you have nothing on your face.

10. The Sporty Look

Sneakers. Yoga pants. A Sweatshirt. Wear this ensemble and watch your man drool over you. A man loves it whenever his girl makes an effort to be physically fit. You don’t even have to be working out at that moment to make him fall for you. The very illusion of you wearing gym clothes will be enough to entice him to have the hots for you.

11. A Big Appetite

The one true way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A man loves a girl who watches her weight and makes an effort to stay fit, but he also loves a woman who isn’t afraid to binge on food whenever she wants. Food is love, and men know that women who love to eat will mean that being in a relationship with her will be full of culinary adventures.

  1. I disagree with most of this. The angry face isn’t sexy. It is a sign that, not only are you not getting sex but, you’re in for a bad day. And, no one likes a bossy woman. Men should have strong dominant personalities, although it is true that guys in the younger generations tend towards weak submissiveness, when compared to the older generations, no man thinks it’s sexy to have a woman try to dominate him. And, while too skinny is a bad look for a woman, most guys don’t want a fat woman.

  2. I (as a female whose boyfriend is very vocal) happen to agree with this article. My boyfriend loves everything about me…he finds my RBF sexy because he knows I’m not angry at him. He absolutely loves when we go to the gym together and even though we’re sweaty, he likes to try and be handsy.

  3. I agree with every bit of thi this! I think as women we make it harder on ourselves by trying to second guess what men think. Be yourself, he’ll either like it or he won’t!

  4. For the guy that commented men don’t like fat woman. We don’t like fat men either so get over yourself ????
    However as a woman I have NEVER been so shallow that I would not even give a chubby or big guy a chance men are visual beings, Women fall in love with your personality FIRST!! Yes believe it or not. ???? Good night Everyone interesting article and comments for sure.

  5. Is this written by a (straight) man or a woman? One man has responded and people are getting on his response bcuz they don’t like his truth.. . But that is an honest opinion from a man’s point of view which is more than I can say for this article. Do you read articles like this to hear what you hope is true or do you want the truth. Obviously, if you’re reading this it’s to see if you “measure up” bcuz you must feel inadequate in some way… If you prefer to read lies, then you always will. If you actually want a man, you’ll take a man’s word, not get butt-hurt! The truth is that everyone is attracted to looks. If a person is not good looking to you, initially, you don’t want them. However, once you know someone, you become attracted to their personality not their looks. That’s what you fall in love with. If they’re hot and their personality sucks. They ruin their hotness, but in the beginning, we are all shallow, not just men.

    Personally, I read this bcuz it was on the same page as something else I was reading. My husband passed away 9 months ago and I never want to be with anyone again. No one could compare…. But my advice is that all the articles are generalized & probably written by women. Every person and their desires are different. There is someone out there who will love u no matter what you look like.
    These articles feed on women who are desperate for love. They are BS. The things that drive you crazy about a person are the little things they do, the things they don’t know they do, they’re little habits and nervous twitches… Things that are personal to them

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