11 Things Your Partner Shouldn’t Expect You To Do In A Relationship

You shouldn’t expect these things from your partner.

Every relationship is going to carry with it its own set of expectations and standards. That’s just something that you have to learn to accept if you’re looking to get into relationships in the future. However, what you also have to know is that these expectations must always be manageable and reasonable. You don’t deserve to be with someone who just demands too much of you even though you’re very much in love with one another. In order for a relationship to be truly healthy, both parties involved must be respectful of one another. They have to be respectful in the sense that they have to try their best to meet each other’s expectations. And they also have to be respectful in the sense that they really manage their own expectations so as not to demand too much from their partners.

You have to know where to draw the line in your relationships. There are some things that you should be okay with your partner asking from you. And there are times where you also just have to stand your ground and make sure that you don’t get walked all over. You have to be able to defend your own dignity and you can’t just comply with your partner all the time regardless of the situation. In order for you to have a real healthy dynamic in your relationship. You have to know how to say no to one another especially when you feel you are in violation of each other’s boundaries in your relationship. Honesty is very important in a relationship even when it’s uncomfortable to be completely open.

A relationship is always supposed to be a give and take kind of dynamic. You have to be able to give just as much as you get out of the relationship. However, that dynamic also has its fair of limitations. There are just some things that your partner has no right to be demanding from you. Here are a few examples of those things.

1. Be accountable for their own words and actions.

Yes, you can be there for your partner whenever they find themselves in a bind; but you shouldn’t be taking on all of their problems on their behalf. You can stand up for them but you also have to let them fight their own battles.

2. Give them unlimited access to your financial resources.

You’re this person’s romantic partner. You’re not this person’s personal piggy bank or ATM. They shouldn’t be relying on you to fund their lavish lifestyles or luxurious tastes. They shouldn’t be turning to you for rent money. They have to be able to take care of themselves and they can’t just expect you to share all of your wealth with them.

3. Engage in sexual activities with them even though you’re not up for it.

Sex must always be consensual for it to be more and for it to be good. If at least one of you just isn’t into it at a particular moment, you shouldn’t be forcing the matter. It’s okay to say no to sex if you don’t feel particularly up to it.

4. Give up your closest friends and family.

You shouldn’t have to give up the important people in your life just for your relationship. Your partner should be willing to accept these people into their own lives as well.

5. Compromise your most sacred principles and beliefs.

If you compromise your principles, then that would make you a spineless human being who is susceptible to manipulation. Your partner should acknowledge that you would never compromise on your core principles and beliefs.

6. Be their only source of happiness.

That’s just too much pressure for a single person to be able to withstand. You have to encourage them to pursue other sources of happiness in life.

7. Read their minds.

They can’t expect you to be mind-readers. They have to know that if thy want something from you, they’re going to have to express it openly and honestly. They can’t expect you to just know if they don’t communicate their needs to you.

8. Adjust your stance on children and family planning.

You shouldn’t have to adjust your stance on children just for your partner. If you really aren’t comfortable with bearing children, then they shouldn’t be compelling you into it.

9. Tolerate terrible treatment from the people in their lives.

You should never be tolerating terrible treatment from any person on the face of this earth; let alone a person from your partner’s social circle. Just because the person making fun of you is their best friend doesn’t mean that you have to sit and take it.

10. Open up about intimate secrets or information that you’re not comfortable with letting out.

Let everything come out in its own time. If you’re not comfortable with opening up about something in particular, then your partner should be able to respect your reluctance to share anything.

11. Blindly comply or conform to absolutely anything they want you to.

You are still your own person despite the fact that you’re in a relationship. Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean that you automatically have to agree about everything.

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