11 Traits Of A Guy Who Is Inconsistent In A Relationship

Inconsistency is a huge turn-off.

It’s no secret that when it comes to sustaining relationships, consistency is key. Without any consistency, then there is no way that couples would be able to establish a sense of stability in their romance. When you get into a relationship with someone, you must always be able to rely on that person regardless of whatever situation you guys might find yourselves in. You have to always be able to depend on your partner no matter how easy or difficult things might get. The reason why consistency is absolutely integral in a long-term relationship is because it gives a romance a sense of rhythm. With that rhythm, couples will have something they can fall back on whenever they find themselves going astray.

But when one person is inconsistent in a relationship, then it can really throw all of that rhythm off. So how do you know if you’re unfortunate enough to be dating someone who is inconsistent? Well, you could keep an eye out for the signs. It’s important for you to be able to spot out the traits of an inconsistent partner because it gives you an opportunity to control the situation. If you know that your partner is being inconsistent, you can start to demand consistency from them. It will also give you a better understanding of your relationship and why things are the way that they are. Here are the 11 traits of a guy who is inconsistent in a relationship:

1. He will always make sure that things will always get off on a good start.

He will get you to trust him at first. He is a master at strong starts in relationships. He will be able to establish a kind of palpable spark and chemistry with you that will make him seemingly irresistible.

2. He will shower you with an endless supply of compliments.

He will lead you to believe that he’s genuinely interested in you without necessarily admitting it. He will do this by delivering an endless supply of compliments your way and you will eat them up because he is so good at being believable.

3. He will lead you to believe that he is a very busy man.

He will lay the groundwork for all of his disappearances and inconsistencies by leading you to believe that he is a busy man. He will drop subtle hints that he always finds himself having to really manage his time effectively because he has so many things on his plate.

4. He will want to take full control of all conversations that you have.

He will not want you to get a word in. He will be showing signs of selfishness and egotistical behavior by trying to make every single conversation that you have about himself. He will prove that you don’t matter much to him at all.

5. He will rarely ever show up in the times when you need him the most.

He will never want you to feel like he is wholly invested in you to the point where he would come running whenever you call. He would never want you to believe that you can fully rely on him. He will only show up when it’s convenient for him to do so.

6. He will make you feel like he trusts you by asking for your advice and opinions.

And when he will start to feel like you’re slipping away from him, he will become vulnerable with you. This is a common tool that inconsistent guys use to make you believe that they trust you and that they really value whatever you might have to say.

7. He will act ambiguous with regards to how much he’s willing to commit to you.

In short, he will keep you in the friend zone. He won’t make you fully confident that there’s something special between the both of you, but he will also do just enough to keep you hopeful and on that leash.

8. He will say the perfect things but he will do all of the wrong things.

He will be so good at saying the right thing every single time; but you will also notice that his actions never back up his words. He will never be able to do everything that he tells you that he’s about doing.

9. He will disappear for long stretches and he will reappear whenever convenient.

There will be times wherein he will just seemingly take a break from you. And you will grow to get used to it whenever he’s gone. But whenever he feels like he loses you completely, he will reappear into your life.

10. He will know how to time his entrances in your life.

He knows just when you’re about to give up on him and he will then put his moves on you once more just to keep you invested in him.

11. He will be the kind of guy you eventually grow out of.

But eventually, you will be able to read his game and you will be able to see through his intentions. You will understand what kind of guy he is and you will eventually grow tired of the charade.

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  1. I am currently dating well not even dating seeing a man who is the most inconsistent I have ever dated. Every single one of these traits are exactly this man it is amazing to see it in writing. I know I will eventually grow out of him but it sure is a roller coaster ride currently. Thank you so much for the article it really makes a difference This man just happens to also be a scorpio. And scorpios by their true nature are mysterious and inconsistent because of their mistrust. This has open my eyes and hopefully I will deal with him in a very much different way. Thank you again

  2. This is exactly how my fiance is. It surprising to see all traits in him. Im leaving him because he keeps disappointing me and i cant take it anymore. Ì fear for the future. If i should marry i need someone i can trust and rely on anytime. Thanks for sharing. It an eye opening.

  3. This is so accurate, my bf of 1 months displays all traits I knew something felt off but couldn’t point my finger to it. Thanks

  4. Great article, my fiance seems really love me and my family but sometimes maybe subconscious truth comes up that alerts me. 1. He always says loves me and all his assets will be mine when he dies, nice to feel that loved more than just money, but one day he suddenly says all his things will go his son and my money goes to my kids. Shocked, shouldn’t he trust me on caring for his son? 2. He says if we break up one day, he would give me everything I invested with him but one day he said what he downy on me has offset my investment already! 3. Heck says his money is mine but when I tested by asking him to give a little money support for my sick parents, he did not, nor even tried to justify such response. Should I doubt his love? Thank you

  5. I have been living with my boyfriend for three years and have seen a lot of inconsistency in things he says. I’ll ask him something and get one answer…ask him again later and I’ll get another answer. Definitely wants to control all conversations and acts arrogant at times. I don’t need this kind of behavior anymore. He told me he does not want to get married, so today is the day I kick him out of my life.

  6. I am in a relationship since last 2 yrs with this guy and I really love him , so does he , but he has most of these traits and few even worse ones.. One day he forces me to leave him the other day he msgs me tat plz come back he cannot live without me … at times he complaints me I don have time for him , whereas sometimes he wants to get rid of me and wants to ge all alone … i am unable to figure out that should I stay with this kind of inconsistent guy or not

  7. The guy I’m currently with portrays all these traits…we’ve been dating for 10 months now and it’s driving me crazy😭I love him so much but it’s obvious he doesn’t feel same….He cheats on me with multiple women and doesn’t even hide it,has 2 kids with two different women….I need help!!! I’m in a dilemma 😭😭💔

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