11 Traits That Are Unique Only To Empaths

Empathy is an amazing thing.

Who are the empaths? They are the people who are known to be quite skilled at understanding how another person is feeling at any given moment. They are those who are really able to put themselves in the shoes of others and fully grasp what they’re going through especially in compromising and vulnerable situations. They are also those who are really able to see the world through the lenses of others; the ones who are fully able to emulate the perspectives of others so that they can view the world in a more holistic manner.

The empaths are the people who are really good at reading between the lines. They are able to uncover the truth even when the truth isn’t so obvious to the people around them. They are masters at interpreting body language and subconscious behavior. They are the ones who are really able to grasp the emotional temperature of the room accurately.

Empaths are also typically very good at making people feel comfortable with them. They are so good at allowing people to just open up to them about their deepest emotions and most vulnerable feelings. They are the ones who are going to be able to make people feel safe and secure in their presence regardless of how long they’ve known one another. It’s a very rare skill to find in normal people, but it’s always found within empaths.

There are a few other traits that make empaths such unique and special human beings as well. Here are a few of them:

1. They are often labeled as people who are overly sensitive.

This is a common misconception that is attached to empaths. They are often branded as overly emotional or overly sensitive. And that kind of labeling is really unfair. It isn’t that simple. An empath isn’t necessarily overly sensitive. They are just really able to get in touch with their feelings better than most people.

2. Nothing angers them more than when they are being lied to.

It’s very hard to lie to an empath because they are so good at reading other people. They can almost always tell when a person is being dishonest and they hate it whenever they are being lied to. They see it as a betrayal of trust and a direct show of blatant disrespect.

3. They get easily affected by negative news and sad situations.

Remember that empaths are so skilled at relating to the situations of other people regardless of whether it’s a positive or negative circumstance. So whenever something bad happens to another human being, an empath can also be greatly affected by the tragedy as if they’re experiencing it for themselves.

4. They often get uncomfortable in a crowded setting.

When in huge crowds, an empath can get severely overwhelmed. They often avoid large crowds because there are just too many thoughts, feelings, and emotions within a closed space for them to handle.

5. They find joy and fulfillment in being able to make other people feel better.

They are inherently nurturing people. They find joy and meaning in being able to improve the lives and conditions of the people around them. Whenever they manage to make others happy, they make themselves happy as well. They find happiness in the process of making others happy.

6. It’s virtually impossible for them to change who they are.

Empaths are very reluctant to change more so than other people. They find it very difficult to change themselves to suit the tastes and preferences of other people. They never feel like they have to adjust themselves just to be accommodated in the lives of others.

7. They always know and understand what you’re going through.

An empath is always going to get a good idea of how you’re feeling and what you’re going through in life. They don’t have to actually be experiencing what you’re experiencing for them to get a good picture of what’s going on in your heart. They only need to spend some time with you to know for sure.

8. They are deep lovers of animals.

Pets. Empaths always do well with pets because they are always in touch with all forms of life on this earth.

9. They are always emotionally drained and exhausted.

It can be incredibly draining to be an empath. Imagine having to bear the weight and emotions of the people you meet and encounter on a daily basis while simultaneously having to deal with your own baggage as well.

10. They always give great advice.

An empath is always going to be able to give sound advice when it comes to the matters of the heart. They are very good at helping people discover what they truly want for themselves and it’s always a good idea to seek their counsel. You would be foolish to not heed the wisdom of an empath.

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