11 Undeniable Signs He’s In Love With You

Ladies, stop ignoring these extremely obvious signs he’s throwing your way!

Ladies, there’s no denying that men can be incredibly difficult to understand sometimes. It’s like solving the most complicated enigma in the world when you’re trying to analyze a guy’s true motives and feelings. That’s because men typically tend to be very guarded and closed off when it comes to emotions. They don’t like to let themselves become vulnerable, and so they make a constant effort to maintain an aura of stoicism and mystery. It’s sad to say that they succeed in this, and it makes it all the more difficult for ladies to really figure out how a man feels about her.

Fortunately, there are simple ways in which a woman can truly know if a man is really into her. Ladies always have to be careful that the guy isn’t just playing her and using her for anything other than love. That’s why they always have to keep an eye out for the signs that a man’s interest in a woman is truly genuine. Here are some blatant signs that a man is really in love with you.

1. He listens to you when you talk.

Whenever you feel like a man is genuinely paying attention to what you’re saying, then it’s a good chance that he’s really into you. It’s evident whenever he brings up conversations that you’ve had in the past. It means that he really listens to what you’re saying and makes an effort to remember it.

2. He puts his phone away whenever you’re together.

You will never find him checking his phone whenever you’re hanging out because you are always the priority. When you’re out on a date, you can be assured that he won’t be browsing through his social media feeds or checking his emails. He would probably only take phone calls from really important people.

3. He has a fondness for showing you off to the world.

He wears you around his arm as if you were part of his outfit. He wants the world to know that you’re his girl and that he couldn’t be happier about it. He will hold your hand in public as if to mark his territory and to let other men know that he’s lucky enough to have you as a date.

4. He pays attention to the littlest details.

He has great attention to detail. Even the simplest things that you mention to him at random moments end up being forever engrained in his memory. He always pays attention when it comes to you and it’s all part of his charm in trying to win your heart.

5. He keeps memorable tokens from your relationship.

He’s not usually very sentimental, but when it comes to you, he always treats everything you touch with extra special care. He keeps random tokens and mementos that will remind him of all the great memories you’ve had together because he knows that these are memories worth preserving at all costs.

6. He’s the first to greet you in the morning, and the last to greet you at night.

He always wants to be the first thing you think about the moment you get up, and the last person that’s on your mind before you drift off to dreamland. He makes an effort to always ensure your personal comfort in having him in your life.

7. He’s always planning little surprises for you.

He is always looking to break the monotony in your relationship by randomly surprising you with sentimental gestures. Whether it be through lavish gifts or grand vacations, he’s always on the lookout for ways to let you know that you will never be bored so as long as you are with him.

8. He always initiates the conversation.

You never have to wait around for him to call you or to text you. He wants to talk to you as much as you want to talk to him, and he’ll let you know about it. He will always make an effort to text you throughout random points of the day just to let you know that he’s thinking about you.

9. He has no problem with physical intimacy.

Whether it be holding hands in public, or intimate kisses in private, he’s always up for it. He loves the affection and endearment that comes along with physical intimacy. He also understands how important physical intimacy plays into the dynamics of a relationship.

10. He always makes sure that you are safe.

He may not always be physically present, but he’s always going to want constant updates on your safety and well-being. He wants to protect you from any form of danger, whether physical or emotional. He cares about your feelings and he knows that your safety is of utmost importance to him.

11. He makes an effort to get to know you better.

He takes a genuine interest in your life and so he’s always asking you questions. He will willingly try out some hobbies that you’re passionate about. He will try food that you like to eat, and he will read books that you like to read.

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    1. I’m really bothered by this because I have as well become the man I always wanted. If anything it’s 2 out of the 11 things he did. I feel like he has this hold on me n I can’t let it go.

  1. I found all those things in a man, after 40 years of searching. And he’s married to someone else!

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