11 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Crazy For You

Just because you’re already in a relationship together doesn’t mean that you should stop working in your relationship. You should still be doing your part in making your partner crazy about you.

1. Compliment Him

Compliment him every now and then. Don’t buy into the whole idea of withholding your affection and attraction for your boyfriend. You always have to be able to compliment your boyfriend. You always have to let him know that you still appreciate who he is and that your love for him is secure. It lets him know that you don’t take him for granted.

2. Look into his eyes:

Really look into his eyes when you’re talking to him. Whenever the two of you are talking, make sure that you let him know that you’re completely focused on him and the conversation. In a relationship, it can be so easy to get distracted by everything that is happening around you and you end up taking each other for granted. Make sure that you still make him feel important.

3. Be A Passionate Kisser

Put a lot of meaning into your kisses. Not every kiss is going to be as exciting as the first time you kiss. And that’s okay. However, that doesn’t give you an excuse to just deprive your kisses of any meaning or feelings. You always have to be putting meaning into your kisses. This is another way to make sure your boyfriend doesn’t feel like he’s being taken for granted.

4. Surprise Him

Surprise him every now and then. You can’t be so content with having a predictable and routine relationship. Sure, you are always going to crave for stability in your relationships. And that’s great. You should strive or that stability. However, you shouldn’t be so content with it either. You should still be able to mix things up. So give him a few surprises just to add some magic to the relationship.

5. Motivate Him

Motivate him. Encourage him. Inspire him. Tell him that you support him in whatever endeavors he might have. Always make him feel like you have his back if he wants to take risks in life. Always make him feel like you will be there to pick him up if he ever goes through failures or tumbles. You just always need to make him feel like you have a real partnership that is full of love and support.

6. Be confident in yourself.

Be confident in yourself. It’s true when they say that confidence is always going to be attractive. Make him feel like you are a woman to be reckoned with. The more confidence you have in yourself, then the more convinced he will be to actually see you as a woman of worth. He’s going to have more incentive to love a woman who loves herself.

7. Open Up

Open up to him about yourself. Always make him feel like you aren’t too shy to tell him about the intimate aspects of your life. Never make him feel like you are keeping him in the dark. Always give him the confidence that he needs to actually trust you. If you stay open to him, then he is going to be more comfortable with opening up to you as well.

8. Notice Him

Take note of the things that your boyfriend is typically attracted to. It may range from the little things to the big things. For instance, he might say that he likes a particular dress that you’re wearing. He might say that he likes the smell of the shampoo that you are using. Then you should take note of that and cater to his likes.


9. Have Real Fun

Always make sure that you are having a lot of fun whenever you are spending time together. Take note that it’s never enough the two of you spend a lot of time together. You have to make sure that you are spending QUALITY time together. You need to make each other happy. You need to enjoy each other’s company.

10. Give Him Some Space

Respect his personal space. Just because the two of you get into a relationship together doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be each other’s entire worlds. You have to respect the fact that he has a life outside of the relationship. And you have to be able to set boundaries between the two of you anyway. Make him feel like it’s okay for him to have a life beyond just the two of you.

11. Build Your Own life

Build your own life that you can be proud of. You always want to make sure that you have a boyfriend who is proud of you. And he can’t be proud of you if you’re constantly looking down on yourself. So do things in life that make you proud. Build your own life to the point that he won’t have any choice but to be proud of you.


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    I’ll try this if I I get another chance at a relationship. 58. Won’t hold my breath.
    This is smashing information. Thank you!

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