12 Benefits Of Being A Guy Who Only Sticks To One Woman

There is just no denying that too many people are engaging in infidelity and unfaithfulness in their relationships these days. And that’s always unfortunate. There is no scenario in the world wherein cheating is justifiable. It’s always messy whenever someone decides to become unfaithful in a relationship. There are just too many emotions at play here. And cheating on a partner can trigger pandemonium and chaos all around the relationship.

That’s why more and more men need to understand the value of staying loyal and committed to their women. Not only is it the decent thing to do in a relationship but there are actually a lot of benefits to just staying loyal. Sure, you might think that you would have a lot of fun by getting into an affair outside of your relationship. But that’s a very wrong perspective to have.

Even though you think that there are many upsides to cheating on your partner, there are even more upsides to just staying loyal and faithful. And if you’re curious to find out what these benefits are, then you should definitely read on until the very end of this article.

1. You get to love your partner with all your heart.

When you only stick to one girl, then your heart doesn’t end up getting split or divided. You are able to concentrate all of the love that you have in your heart for just one girl. You don’t have to spread yourself too thin.

2. You get to keep your best friend.

When you cheat on your partner, that is an act of betrayal. And oftentimes, when you betray someone, then that person just ceases being your friend. If you stay loyal, you don’t just get to keep your relationship. You get to keep your best friend.

3. You get the right to demand loyalty from her as well.

A cheater doesn’t have the right to demand loyalty and faithfulness from their partner. If you cheat on your partner, then you are essentially letting them know that cheating is permissible in this relationship even when it clearly isn’t.

4. You will get to understand what it really means to be loyal.

You will come to understand the true meaning of loyalty. When you choose to stay faithful to your partner, then that’s when you really learn to value a person’s dependability and reliability. That’s where you learn to really value the principle of loyalty.

5. You make a better home atmosphere for your kids.

If you happen to be married, then staying faithful will actually end up saving your kids from the trauma of having to grow up in a drama-filled home. You never want to expose your kids to that kind of emotional trauma.

6. You serve as a good example to other men in relationships.

You never know who’s watching you. When you stay loyal and faithful to your wife, then you are essentially showing other men that it’s possible to resist temptation. This is especially important if you have a son in the family who looks up to you.

7. You get to really enjoy the sex you have with your partner.

When you don’t cheat on your partner, then you are essentially focusing all of your sexual energy on this one person. And when you focus and channel all of that energy properly, it can potentially become the best sex of your life.

8. You get to show respect to the love of your life.

In any kind of healthy and happy romantic relationship, respect is always going to be of the essence. And when you prove your loyalty to your partner, then you are also proving that you have the utmost respect for them.

9. You foster a sense of partnership in your relationship.

When you focus on having a relationship where it’s really just the two of you, then you are fostering a sense of partnership between both of you. You are essentially letting your partner know that it’s you both against the world.

10. You are spared of the stress of having to sneak around.

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Cheating is stressful. You’re going to have to cover your butt a lot. You will be scrambling to cover your tracks. You will be stressed having to think of all the lies that you have to tell. You will tire of having to remember all of your alibis. It’s just way too much work.

11. You are spared of the drama.

Drama. Who wants drama? No man wants drama.

12.  You get to enjoy the benefits of being in love for real.

And lastly, if you don’t cheat on your partner, then you will get an opportunity to experience true love. Being in love is the single most beautiful thing you could ever share with another person. Don’t mess it up by being unfaithful.

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  1. ok i happen to be a young man i’m not going to mention my age but i’m not in my teens or 20’s or 30’s i’m going to start by saying that no offense but i’m always seeing posts & articles about men that cheat it so happens that this article is about the Benefits of a man who doesn’t cheat what happens when it is the woman who cheats in the relationship on her loyal Boyfriend or Fiancée or husband i happen to have Hemiplegia – Spastic – Cerebral – Palsy with Neurological Cognitive impairments & Disabilities & in both relationships that i had both of my then girlfriends cheated on me & in both of my relationships my then girlfriends had a total of 8 children between them my first girlfriend had 1 & my 2 nd girlfriend had more then 4 when my then girlfriends couldn’t make the changes that they needed to make happen so that we could move forward they both wownd up cheating on me & my first girlfriends got pregnant by the man that she cheated on me with my second girlfriend wowned up cheating on me while we were still in a relationship & she was actually texting him when we were actually together & when i found out i packed my stuff & left her & went back to my apartment she wowned up leaving me for this man & she married him & now they are separated in both instances i fell for the women instantly & i fell in love with their children instantly i took on the father role gladly & instantly my 2nd girlfriend wowned up marrying the man that she cheated on me with & they are separated now but still married what i have learned through my experiences in all my dealings with the opposite sex is that women for the most part say they want a good , caring , hard working , loving partner , Boyfriend , & or Husband but women in actuality do not really want that what they want is the Toxic type of man who does not work has no ambition, no job , & no income who is a gangbanger & a felon who is in & out of jail & who stands on the street corner & slings dope women in general love to get with this men & they fall for these men cause they love the fast , & dangerous, & fast money & glamorous dangerous life style & women in general love a man they have to fix & as for a man like me i have never needed a women to cook for me , & or clean my clothes , & or straighten up & clean my house or take care of my children since i have no children at all women always seem to want the very things from me they themselves cannot & do not want to give me in return i will be waiting for you guys to do a Article on women who cheat & women who have Toxic traits & behaviors

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