12 Facts About Him Which Mean He’s Not Husband Material

Don’t be so quick to tie the knot just yet. He might not be ready for that kind of commitment.

When you decide to marry someone, that’s really a big deal. It’s a serious commitment that you need to really sure about before you decide to actually make it. It’s commonly said that you need to be marrying your best friend; someone with who you’re not just romantically involved, but someone who you can really rely on to be there for you no matter how difficult things get. You need a real partner who is going to help you get through the toughest challenges that life might throw your way. And that’s always the ideal that we strive for when we decide to get married.

However, the fact of the matter is that marriages end. Relationships end. We don’t always end up marrying the people we’re meant to be with. That’s why there are so many marriages that still end in divorces, separations, or annulments. And it’s unfortunate whenever that happens. We are so ready to commit to a specific person for the rest of our lives. And still, things don’t turn out the way that we expect them to. And we are forced to detach ourselves from the dreams that we have formed for ourselves and our significant other.

There is a multitude of possible reasons why marriage might end. For one, two people rush into a marriage without knowing that they’re incompatible after all. And sometimes, there are just some people who make for great boyfriends, but don’t make great husbands. These are the men who just aren’t ready for that life. They aren’t marriage-material. Here are some signs that your guy might not be ready for marriage yet.

1. He still lies to you often.

He doesn’t understand the importance of being honest and open in a relationship. You can’t afford to be marrying a guy you aren’t able to trust or rely on for the truth. You should both always be keeping things real with one another.

2. He is very critical and judgmental of you.

He never makes you feel like he accepts you for who you are. He makes you feel bad about who you are and he is constantly trying to change you.

3. He can’t stay loyal to you.

Loyalty. Of course, you are going to need loyalty to make a marriage work. Marriage is no joke – and when the third-party drama is involved, it’s going to really seal the doomed fate of your romance.

4. He doesn’t have a social life beyond his relationship.

He really relies on you for social fulfillment – which is bad. He is placing too much pressure on you and your relationship to give him his fill of social interaction. That is going to limit his perspective and worldview substantially.

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  1. Yup. Sounds about right. I allowed myself to fall in love with a boy instead of a man but reading this sure has given me hope for my next relationship. Thank you

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