12 Heartbreaking Reasons People In Relationships Become Emotionally Unfaithful

1. They are narcissistic and they constantly seek validation from people.

They are always looking for praise and attention. Not even being in a committed and loving relationship would be enough for them to feel contented. They will want to seek validation from others outside of the relationship because that’s just how insecure they truly are. Their need for validation knows no limits or bounds – even if it means cheating and infidelity.

2. They are impulsive without always thinking things through.

Impulsive people are always likely to make mistakes in relationships or in life in general. It’s very important that you are able to maintain tact and poise as you go through life. You always need to be deliberate with your actions. You need to have structure and purpose with the way that you approach anything in life. If not, you risk committing a lot of mistakes. When you’re impulsive, you don’t really think about how your actions affect your relationship or your partner.

3. They believe that they are deserving of love because of how good they think they are.

Sometimes, people will just have naturally skewed ideas of how they really are in relationships. They might think that just because they are sacrificing so much for the sake of the relationship, they are entitled to engage in some light flirting outside of the relationship just to make themselves feel better. But it doesn’t work like that. Emotional unfaithfulness is never something that can be considered justifiable.

4. They just struggle with the idea of commitment in general.

There are also some people who are just inherently afraid of commitment. The moment that they see a relationship is starting to get real and serious, they will try to find a way to just mess things up. They think that they aren’t equipped to handle all of the pressure that comes with committing to another person for the long-term.

5. They see it as an act of rebellion from control.

Some people just have inherent problems with control or authority. They hate the feeling of being boxed in. They hate the feeling of being constrained to act a certain way. And that’s when their rebellious side is going to break out. These are people who are always going to want to do the opposite of what is expected of them. This is especially true when the pressure to conform is just too much for them to handle.

6. They are harboring unchanneled and unaddressed anger towards their partner in the relationship.

Some people also engage in unfaithfulness as a form of revenge. They do it as a way of coping with the anger that they feel over something that their partner might have done to them in the relationship.

7. They grew up in a household where cheating is normalized.

A lot of people tend to downplay the significance of what the environment of a child is like during the formative years of that child’s life. If someone happens to grow up in an environment where cheating and unfaithfulness seems normal and commonplace, it can be very easy to carry those ideas into adulthood. And that’s why it’s likely that a lot of people who grow up exposed to cheating will grow up to be cheaters themselves.

8. They are going through significant stress and emotional trauma which compromises their reason.

It might not be a justifiable reason; but it’s still one that you have to be able to feel for. Some people can just compromise their judgment because they are going through some very real emotional stress and trauma. Perhaps stress at work or in the personal life can lead one to doing things that would typically be uncharacteristic of them.

9. They feel like their partners are failing to meet expectations.

When there is constant disappointment in a relationship, a person may want to seek affirmation and satisfaction elsewhere. In fact, this is probably why a lot of people tend to cheat in relationships. They go into their relationships having a certain set of expectations. And whenever those expectations aren’t being met, they find other sources of satisfaction.

10. They are seekers of drama and secrets.

Some people are just natural seekers of drama. Sometimes, when a relationship grows to become really strong and stable, things can get pretty predictable and routine. And when that happens, people who like drama will get bored. They will want to shake things up – and sometimes, that’s going to mean engaging in some acts of self-sabotage.

11. They just lack emotional maturity.

It’s no secret that you’re always going to require a lot of emotional maturity if you’re going to make a relationship work. No relationship is possibly ever going to survive without two people who are willing to just really grow and develop as individuals. And sometimes, some people refuse to grow – and when that’s the case, the relationship ends up suffering because of it.

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