12 Men Talk About What Makes A Woman “Wife Material”

Hi, ladies. Have you ever wondered about how men actually approach choosing their potential life partners? Well, wonder no more. In this article, we are going to highlight the words and musings of real men about what they tend to look for in a future wife.

If you are looking to present yourself as someone who is “wife material,” then you need to really pay attention to what these men are saying. You always want to be putting your best foot forward if you want to find success in love after all. And that’s why you need to read on until the very end of this article.

  1. “I know for sure that a woman is wife material when I know that she’s a girl who will fight the world for me. If I ever find myself in a position wherein I have to fend off sharks, lions, or wild beasts, it’s her who I want with me.” – Jason, 29
  2. “A woman who loves me with utmost sincerity and truth. She has to be a girl who knows that love isn’t something that one can just fake. She has to love me with all her absolute willpower. And that’s when I know that she’s someone I can take seriously.” – Jimmy, 32
  3. “I know that a girl can be a potential wife if she knows how to argue with me constructively. She has to be the type of woman who doesn’t get butthurt so easily. She can’t feel attacked whenever I criticize her for something. She has to be mature enough to actually talk about difficult things with me – even if her feelings end up getting hurt for it.” – Thomas, 27
  4. “She has to be a girl who loves what she does. There is no way I am ever going to marry a woman who just makes her whole life about me and the relationship. She has to love herself as well. She has to pursue her career and her passions. She has to love her own life too.” – Clifford, 30
  5. “It’s very important to me that I marry a girl who shares the same values and principles as me in life. She has to be able to see eye to eye with me on the fundamental aspects of living. That way, I know that there will be minimal friction in our future marriage.” – Karl, 31
  6. “I just want to end up marrying my best friend. That’s something that my girl has to be able to do for me. She has to be able to be there for me whenever I need someone to talk to. She has to be someone I can laugh with about absolutely anything. And we have to have a lot of fun together.” – Dixon, 25
  7. “Kindness. That is definitely one thing that I’m going to be looking for in a future wife. She really has to be someone whose heart knows no sense of darkness or evil. She has to be kind, caring, and loving. That’s one thing I’m never going to compromise in when it comes to choosing a wife.” – Gary, 25
  8. “Decision-making must be on point with this girl. I know that marriage is going to be composed of a lot of responsibilities that two people share. And she has to be smart enough to make the right decisions for us and our future families together. Otherwise, things would just never work.” – Marshall, 28
  9. “It’s important to me that I find a girl who is humble enough to admit when she is wrong. She has to actually have the kind of self-awareness that is necessary to acknowledge that she isn’t perfect all of the time. Humility is important in a marriage because it’s necessary for growth and self-development. You can’t learn from your mistakes if you aren’t humble enough to admit them in the first place.” – Gabriel, 24
  10. “I seriously need a girl who is able to not take herself so seriously. Yes, life is going to be composed of a lot of serious matters. But at the end of the day, it’s not a life worth living if you’re not having fun. And I want to make sure that I have a lot of fun with the girl I’m going to end up marrying.” – Neil, 32
  11. “She has to be adventurous. She has to be flexible and adaptable enough to actually fit herself into whatever situation she finds herself in. I can’t control the future. And so, I can’t guarantee that things are always going to go smoothly. That’s why I need her to be flexible enough to adapt.” – Miles, 25
  12. “She has to have a great sense of humor. I’m the kind of guy who thinks that if your marriage isn’t filled with laughter, then it’s a pretty weak marriage.” – Ricky, 29
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