12 Non-Physical Traits Men Secretly Look For In Women

1. A great sense of humor.

Men typically tend to be more attracted to women who are able to make them laugh. The world is such a dark and difficult place to live in. And a lot of people add to that negativity by living life a little too seriously. That’s why most men prefer to be with girls who are able to lighten up the mood; women who are able to really see the beauties and joys in life.

2. Intelligence.

There’s nothing quite like an intelligent girl. Sure, a man can always be attracted to a pretty girl at first. But over time, looks are going to fade. Peoples’ appearances change with age. But intelligence; it can only get better over time. A smart girl is always going to be a smart girl. A man is going to love a woman who challenges him to learn and grow as an individual.

3. Grace and poise.

Most men are always going to be captivated by a girl who carries herself with grace and poise. This is the kind of woman who is always so charming and easy to be with. She isn’t off-putting and she always knows how to act depending who she’s with. She carries herself with tact and she never acts recklessly. She also has great intuition and she always has good manners.

4. Compassion.

A compassionate woman is always so easy to love. She is the kind of girl who makes all the people around her feel more relaxed and comfortable. She is someone who is always mindful of the feelings and moods of the people around her. She always approaches others with sensitivity; and she always takes into consideration the needs of other people.

5. Fiscal responsibility.

Down the line, fiscal responsibility is always going to be important in a relationship; and a man isn’t going to want to be with a woman who is just going to end up spending all of his cash. Most mature men are always going to be attracted to girls who know how to be responsible with their finances; the ones who understand that money is something that needs to be taken seriously.

6. Communication skills.

There’s just something so charming and disarming about a girl who is able to carry a really good conversation. This is a woman who a man would never grow tired of talking to. She is always able to express her interest in another person’s interests and views; and she also has no trouble with opening up about her thoughts and musings in a clear manner as well.

7. Ambition and determination.

An ambitious woman is a great woman to be with. Gone are the days where women were just expected to stay home and look pretty all the time. In this modern age, women are empowered to take up more significant roles in society. Whether it involves raising a family or pursuing a genuine career, a woman who is determined to make things work is always a plus.

8. Work ethic.

Men love to work hard. But men also get tired. And so they would really love being in a relationship with a girl who is able to pick up after them when they slack off and rest. Men need to be with women who understand the value of hard work; women who wouldn’t shy away from putting in the effort for the sake of the relationship.

9. Confidence.

A confident woman is a difficult woman to resist. She is always going to find a way to grab a guy’s attention because of her belief in herself. She’s going to make it so easy for other people to fall in love with her because of how much she loves her own life. She’s also very good at highlighting her own strengths that allow her personality to shine.

10. Open-mindedness.

Men always love being with women who are open minded. These are the girls they wouldn’t mind having occasional arguments with because of how easy they are to talk to. They are always so open to listening to opposing views; and they don’t automatically shut down criticism just because it’s contrary to what they believe.

11. Passion.

A passionate woman is always an attractive woman. Men tend to look for passionate women because they know that passion is always a great source of motivation. That passion can translate to success in relationships, careers, hobbies, and interests. That’s why a lot of men tend to be drawn to women who exhibit passion in any aspect of life.

12. Honesty.

And lastly, it’s all about honesty. It’s so hard to find a genuinely honest person nowadays; not just women. And that’s why men really value finding women who are able to be open and genuine with them. These are the women who don’t hide who they are or what they think. These are the women who know the importance of staying true to one’s self.


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