12 Questions All Healthy Couples Should Be Able To Answer After A Year Of Being Together

If you have been in a committed relationship with someone for over a year now, then it’s likely that you know each other fairly well at this point. You probably know a lot of the basic stuff, the color of their hair, the birthmarks, the cities they grew up in. This is essential information that you probably got out of the way fairly early on in your dating life. However, since you’ve already passed the one year mark, then there are just certain questions that you should be able to answer about each other and your relationship already. The reason these questions are important is because it tells a lot about where you and your partner stand as you move forward into your relationship.

Of course, it’s okay to have a few discrepancies in your answers. You’re not always going to fully agree on everything a hundred percent. However, the two of you must always be keeping the dialogue active. You must always be finding a way to meet each other halfway. You always need to be working towards that compromise so that coexistence won’t necessarily be a problem for either of you down the line.

And yes, these questions might make you uncomfortable. You’re going to have to make yourself really vulnerable when you talk about these things. But it shouldn’t be a problem. You shouldn’t be turned off to the idea of discussing these very important questions. It might be scary to have these discussions, but it’s going to be even scarier down the line when you are forced to confront these issues and you’re not on the same page with one another.

1. “Do you see yourself getting married one day?”

Naturally, you’re going to want to have an endgame. You are going to want to have a goal in mind for your relationship. You don’t want to be staying in a relationship with marriage in mind even though it’s the farthest thing from your partner’s mind.

2. “Do you see yourself becoming a parent in the future?”

Like marriage, parenthood and family planning is always something that you’re going to have to talk about early on. This isn’t something that you can just put off until the moment comes.

3. “What are your biggest fears in life?”

You both need to understand one another to the point that you are able to really know each other’s insecurities and vulnerabilities. Part of being close to one another is knowing what you both fear.

4. “What are the biggest stresses in your life?”

You both need to know each other’s greatest stressors. Why? Because you need to make sure that you aren’t doing the things that stress your partner out. You have to make sure that you minimize the friction in your life.

5. “Where do you stand on the political spectrum?”

Political stances are also important. Your political philosophies are huge parts of who you are. And even though it might make you uncomfortable to talk about these things, you still have to have these discussions.

6. “What are your grandest goals and dreams for the future?”

It’s important that you both discuss your individual goals and dreams when you are in a relationship because that’s the only way you can come up with shared goals and dreams too.

7. “What do you value most in your life?”

You both need to talk about your life philosophies; what the both of you really value and prioritize in life. You have to discuss the things that are most important to you in this life.

8. “What are the biggest regrets of your past?”

Talking about regrets may be uncomfortable. However, regrets are huge parts of what make up our personalities. Our past help shape our presents. And you both need to open up to one another about your histories; even the bad parts of it.

9. “What is your family like?”

If you’re looking to get serious with one another, then you really need to be exposed to each other’s families. And it always pays to talk about your family life with one another.

10. “What are the most momentous events from your childhood that really shaped who you are?”

Again, your past is a huge part of who you are at present. You both need to talk about the significant moments of your lives.

11. “What is your eye color?”

If you don’t know your partner’s eye color at this point, then you haven’t really been paying attention. And that means you haven’t been showing your partner the appreciation that they deserve. You are taking things for granted in your own relationship.

12. “What is your favorite comfort food?”

You are always going to want to know your partner’s favorite comfort food when you get deep into your relationship. Sometimes, it can take the right meal to fix a sketch situation. Never underestimate the healing power of food.

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