11 Signs He Sees You As More Than His Best Friend

He really, really wants this!

There is a very fine line between being just purely best friends with someone from the opposite sex and being romantically involved with them. A lot of people say that physical attraction is what mostly composes that line, but as a relationship progresses and strengthens, the physical attributes really don’t matter as much anymore. Best friends tend to have incredible chemistry the kind of chemistry that can be found with couples who are romantically linked. So what’s the difference? It’s essentially up to the both of you to decide whether you’re going to be a couple or not.

Of course, you can’t just assume right away that your best friend is going to be interested in a romantic relationship with you. You should only really consider this as a possibility once he starts exhibiting the signs that will be listed on here. Once you are fairly certain that he wants to be more than just best friends with you, then you have to make a decision here. Do you want to risk the stable relationship that you already have as friends? Or are you fine with where you are because you don’t want to mess anything up?

Well, the decision is ultimately yours and no one can make it for you. However, if you still need a little assurance as to whether he’s romantically interested in you or not, just read on through until the end of this list. Here are some signs that he really sees you as more than just his best friend.

1. He makes jokes with you about getting married.

If he’s making jokes about getting married with you, you really have to consider the possibility that he’s not just joking. He’s just trying to diffuse the pressure of a sensitive topic by adding humor to the equation. But he really wouldn’t be bringing it up unless he has thought about it.

2. He stutters or acts uncharacteristically nervous around you.

If you were just regular old best buds, then there would be no reason for him to act nervous around you at all. He wouldn’t be stuttering like a bumbling idiot with you because you know for a fact that he doesn’t have a speech impediment. But he doesn’t see you as just regular old best buds, does he?

3. He has long and deep conversations with you about anything.

Everyone knows that conversations are what build and maintain relationships. Communication is one aspect of your so-called friendship that never seems to run out. You are always willing to talk to each other about absolutely anything, no matter how complex. 

4. He makes and fulfills all of his promises to you.

Promises are only made and fulfilled for people who legitimately matter to you. That’s why if you find that your best friend is actually making and keeping his promises to you, that means he’s trying to prove his commitment to your relationship. 

5. He calls you whenever he needs someone to talk to.

You’re the one he turns to whenever he’s in need of quality conversation. He knows he can trust you with his deepest feelings and his words. He knows that he can always go to you whenever he needs to get something off of his chest. 

6. He always makes eye contact with you.

There is something to be said about your chemistry whenever you are able to maintain intimate eye contact with each other without it being weird or awkward. It means that you are both perfectly comfortable with staring at each other deeply. 

7. He isn’t afraid of being physically intimate with you.

He doesn’t shy away from hugs or innocent kisses when it comes to you. He would willingly put your arm around you if you told him that you were cold. He would hold your hand if you told him you were feeling vulnerable. He does everything a boyfriend would do (maybe except the less wholesome physical acts).

8. He takes you out on dates.

You’re practically dating each other without even admitting it. If he takes you out on dates that you agree on, then you’re already dating. There’s no point in trying to hide it. 

9. He takes a genuine interest in your life.

He dedicates a kind of attention in your life that you can’t really feel from anyone else. He is not one who shies away from asking you questions about your day. He would willingly listen to you babble on and on about your dreams, your frustrations, your quirks, and your random thoughts. 

10. He travels with you.

One of the best ways to figure out whether you’re romantically compatible with someone is if you travel together. Going on a trip to an unfamiliar land will force you both to really take a good hard look at your relationship and where you stand in accordance to each other. 

11. He opens himself up to you.

Lastly, if he allows himself to be vulnerable to you, then that means that there is an establishment of trust there. Trust is a basic hallmark for any relationship especially the romantic ones. 

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  1. Interesting. I suppose each man is unique, but in general, a man thats considering marriage usually says absolutely nothing about it….until much further into the relationship. And even then, his comments have a light seriousness to them. but “joking” about it? I dont think so.
    Maybe if you are both goofballs and clownish behavior is a core thread between the 2 of you. But in my experience, a man doesn’t really joke in regards to this. He tests the waters more than jokes. Joking is what I would expect from a guy who doesnt see me as a wife.

    The travel? Be careful about this one too. Traveling can mean many things. Rather look at HOW he is during the travel. Is it like you are just along for the ride, a shared experience? Thats friends.
    Or does he go out of his way to accommodate you on the trip more than him. Does he just let you lead (friends) or does he want to hold some stake in making this trip a winner? And does he want the trip to be a winner or does he want it to be a winner for you? If he is more into your happiness than his, its not friends that you are traveling as.

    The others on here seem pretty good, although do be aware of the opening-up-to-you concept. A man who wants to be seen as your hero WILL keep some things private, especially his vulnerabilities or what he perceives as much. While I fully believe a woman needs to allow a man to be vulnerable, it should actually present as a struggle for him to open about some things. And you should feel that.
    If he doesn’t care that he seems “weak” or “less than” sometimes, you are definitely just a friend. With a woman he loves, he might come around to some vulnerability, but he will fight it around you. There are exceptions of course, but unless he likes a more neutral relationship, he will want to be your hero. And to men, heros dont have weaknesses, even though we all know they have one or two 🙂 good luck

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