12 Signs He’s Scared Of How Much He Likes You

1. You catch him trying to secretly stare at you whenever he thinks that you’re not looking at him. And he does so with so much passion and intent. He never just looks at you with empty eyes. You know that there are so many feelings and emotions behind them. But he just can’t bring himself to look at you when you’re looking right back – it scares him.

2. He gets very into it whenever you start talking about the deepest and most meaningful aspects of life. He loves being able to bare his soul to you. He loves seeing how willing you are to do the same with him as well. It excites him at first. But when the conversation ends, the anxiety starts to sink in. He realizes that he has exposed himself too much with you – more than he has with anyone else. And that very thought scares him to bits.

3. Whenever you get deep enough in the relationship to have sex, he never just leaves right away. He sticks around and cuddles with you. He has some random pillow talk with you about anything and everything. But then, when that sun starts rising, he will begin to realize that he might be overstaying and then he will rush to leave.

4. He’s going to be hot and cold a lot with you – but he doesn’t mean to be. He just doesn’t want to come off as overly aggressive and insistent. He still wants to be able to give you your space. But he also wants to make the most of whatever time he will get to spend with you. He wants to be with you all of the time. But he also knows that you have your own life to live. And so while you may see it as inconsistency, he just sees it as balance.

5. The idea of talking about the future of your relationship is going to terrify him – not because he doesn’t want to actually have a future with you; but because he will realize that things are starting to get real and he is afraid he might not be able to live up to the expectations.

6. He opens up to you about how many times he has ben hurt and disappointed by love in the past. And he consistently brings up the fact that he doesn’t want to have to go through that kind of pain ever again. He doesn’t want to be disappointed in love anymore – most especially not by you.

7. Any talks of the idea of love and marriage are really going to excite him on the inside; but the excitement is also going to make him really nervous. He is going to be scared at the thought of him not being able to contain his excitement. And so he will try his best to act nonchalant about it. But you can practically see the discomfort on his face.

8. He will hold your hand. He will hug you. And he will kiss you. But he will be scared that he’s being too touchy and mushy with you. He won’t want to make you feel like he’s overstepping his bounds. He won’t want to make you feel like he’s using your body for pleasure. And so he will keep his distance again.

9. He just shuts up and gets really shy whenever your friends or family ask him about the status of your relationship. The truth is that he knows how he feels about you but he’s afraid of coming to terms with it because you might not feel the same way. He’s just afraid that you’re not operating on the same wavelength. And so he won’t really admit or confirm anything. He’s just going to act awkward.

10. His anxiety is going to get the best of him. And so he’s not really going to be opening up to you about how he feels. But he’s definitely going to let his actions do all of the talking. Men typically tend to be verbal communicators anyway. So even though he might not be telling you how he feels about you, he’s always going to be acting like it.

11. Whenever things get really intimate between the both of you and you have both of your eyes locked into each other’s, he will always be the first to break. It’s just his feelings getting the better of him. He has so much love for you and he just doesn’t know how to contain it or express it.

12. He has never really verbally admitted how he feels about you. But all of the people who are closest to you have already told you how he feels. They have already affirmed his feelings for you on his behalf. And it’s not like you didn’t already know it anyway.

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