12 Signs She’s A Quality Woman And You Shouldn’t Mess Things Up With Her

She’s one of a kind.

1. She always returns your calls and replies to your texts even when you don’t do the same for her.

She would never want you to wait for her. She would never want to waste your time. But you seem to do it to her every chance that you get. You seem to never respond to her texts promptly. You never seem to pick up your phone when she calls. It’s as if you’re virtually unavailable to her at all times.

2. She consistently treats you with kindness even when you are always so rude to her.

She always treats you with the goodness of her heart even when you never seem to return the favor. You always act rudely towards you but she always responds with kindness and love.

3. She still tries her best to make plans to spend time with you even though you always cancel on her.

You constantly cancel on her even when it’s last minute. You get so used to just bringing her hopes up and then destroying them without remorse. But she has grown to get over that pain already. She constantly tries with you because she still hopes that you’ll stop disappointing her someday.

4. She compensates for the lack of effort that you contribute to the relationship by giving all of herself.

You are so nonchalant about your relationship. You are cold and emotionally distant. You are so indifferent. And so she feels like she has to compensate on your behalf. She gives all that she has and more to the relationship just because you give very little in return.

5. She accepts that you play games with her but she never plays games with you.

She is so over the games that come with modern romances. She wants something real. And she wants it with you. And even thought you might still be caught up in playing games with her, she’s through with it. She wants you to know just how serious she is about staying with you. She wants you to know how serious she is about loving you.

6. She gives you her undivided attention every time that you’re together even when you’re on your phone the whole time.

She is always going to pay attention to whatever you have to say to her. And it’s only because she craves your attention in return. But you never give it to her. When you’re out on a date, you’d rather be staring at your cellphone than into her eyes. You are more concerned about your social media feeds than you are about her feelings.

7. She tries even harder to get closer to you even though you always push her away.

You constantly give her reasons to just walk away from her. It’s as if your behavior is just designed to drive her away. But she doesn’t walk away. She still keeps coming back for more despite all of the mistreatment. She still tries her best to muscle her way into your heart. Despite your defenses, she still does what she can to try and get close to you.

8. She still believes in you even when you constantly disappoint her.

She still maintains the hope that there is a great person inside of you who is eventually going to come out. But you just keep on disappointing her left and right.

9. She always puts your happiness above her own even if it means that she feels sad all of the time.

She makes it her mission to make you happy in life even if it means compromising her own happiness as a result. She’s a great girl who would be willing to do whatever she could to bring a smile to your face. It’s rare to find a person who would be more concerned about your happiness than their own.

10. She really commits to making the relationship work even though you don’t give her a reason to.

She knows that you’re not as into the relationship as her, and so she knows that she has to commit herself even more into trying to make things work. But you don’t really give her the proper motivation or inspiration. She just motivates herself intrinsically.

11. She tells you that she loves you even though you rarely ever say it to her.

She will never shy away from expressing her love for you even when you never seem to do the same for her.

12. You know that she can do so much better than settling for you but she still chooses to stay with you instead.

You know that there’s no logical reason that she’s with you at this point. You know just how badly you treat her. You know how great of a girl she is and how amazing she is in her care for you. So it’s either she’s a crazy girl who doesn’t understand her own worth. Or she’s genuinely in love with her, and you shouldn’t take that love for granted.

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  1. This is absurd. How can you even say she’s a quality woman if she doesn’t even know her worth to begin with. Trying to put up such lame standard for women to aspire and men to expect. Cut that crap!

    1. That’s the power of love, the unconditional…until the man bents her to snap in half. She knows her worth and that’s exactly why she can hold 12 signs in tact. Don’t get confused by the signs of ambitious woman to quality woman.

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