12 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is The Best And You Should Never Let Her Go

You’re officially in a loving relationship with a great girl and you couldn’t be happier, don’t screw it up!

You’ve done it! You’ve fought your way out of the friend zone and the single life. You’re officially in a loving relationship with a great girl and you couldn’t be happier. She consumes your everyday thoughts and you’re in a perpetual state of elation whenever you’re with her. You build all your weekend plans around her because you want to spend every waking minute with her. She’s amazing and you’d do absolutely anything to keep her in your life.

You have your occasional arguments and disputes, but that’s normal for all couples. You understand that you’re both strong and independent individuals who will have disagreements once in a while. These altercations are not enough to alter your love for her though. Sometimes, you just need some reminders as to how amazing she really is and how lucky you really are.

Here are 12 signs that your girlfriend is the best and you should never let her go:

1. She’s interested in the things that you’re interested in.

You have shared hobbies. You both like the same TV shows, music, movies, and books. There’s no limit to the things you talk about every day because you just jive with each other. All your conversations are natural and organic. Nothing is ever forced whenever you’re together because you just fit like a hand in glove.

2. She never disturbs you when you work.

She knows that you have your own personal dreams, goals, and aspirations for yourself when it comes to your career. She’s also confident enough to know that you will eventually achieve your dreams if she allows you the space to work. She never wants to intrude in your life unless you actually ask her.

3. She’s adventurous and spontaneous.

Even after all that you’ve been through as a couple, she still manages to find ways to surprise you. She is still able to keep things fresh and spontaneous. She can break the monotony or any ruts that your relationship can fall into. She’s a naturally energetic and vital person who is full of life and love for you.

4. She shares the same principles and values with you.

If you have the same shared values and principles, then that means you both share priorities in life. You both care deeply and passionately about certain principles and advocacies. You both share the same dreams and aspirations. This makes it easier for you to support one another in the long run.

5. She’s not vague with her feelings and she lets you know when she’s upset.

She doesn’t try to drop hints or respond with I’m fine when you ask her what’s wrong. You’re not left guessing and she doesn’t expect you to be a mind reader. She lets you know when she’s upset and the things that are upsetting her so you can help fix them.

6. She’s a lot of fun to hang out with.

She’s just a great person all-around to be with. She’s lively and she can carry a conversation well. She has great ideas for activities and she always manages to make a learning experience out if it. She’s the ideal person to make memories with.

7. She loves you for who you are regardless of what you do.

If a person loves you so much to the point where what you do no longer becomes a factor, then that’s unconditional love right there. Most people search their whole lives for a love like that, and so when you have it in your hands, don’t let it go.

8. She doesn’t see you as a project.

She doesn’t see you as a guy she can try to change. She accepts you for who you are and doesn’t try to turn you into her own little passion project for change. She respects your individuality and she doesn’t try to force herself on you.

9. She’s a good listener.

She’s not just a yapper and a talker. She’s a great listener too. She can be a shoulder to cry on if she has to. She’s also great at giving advice because she’s just inherently empathetic. She knows what you’re going through just by looking at you.

10. She treats your friends and family as she would her own.

She knows how important your friends and family are to her and so she treats them as she would her own. She buys your brothers gifts once in a while. She takes your sisters out on shopping dates. She regularly checks up on your parents. She knows these little gestures mean the world to you.

11. She values and understands your desire to choose how you spend your time.

She respects how you see your free time and she has no expectations. She doesn’t expect you to spend all your free time with her. She knows that you might want your occasional space and she can respect that.

12. She’s practically an open book to you.

She allows herself to be vulnerable to you. She places her heart in your hands because she trusts you enough. She knows you would never do anything to hurt her and so she places herself in the safety of your embrace.

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