12 Signs That You’ve Moved On From Your Ex

How does it feel to finally move on?

1. They no longer constantly occupy a slot on your mind.

If you weren’t over your ex, you would constantly be thinking about them. They would most probably be running through your mind consistently throughout the day. But if you’re truly over them, then you find that you think of them less and less. Most probably, you’re not even thinking about them at all.

2. You don’t get all flustered whenever you unexpectedly run into them.

In the past, you know that you would just become petrified at the idea of running into your ex in public. You would get flustered and you wouldn’t know what to do. You might have even panicked and end up doing something stupid. But now, if you see your ex in public, it’s practically nothing significant to you.

3. You don’t feel guilty or weird about seeing other people anymore.

When the breakup was fresh, you found yourself feeling really weird or guilty about dating other people. It was like you were still in a faithful relationship with your ex because you just couldn’t break away from the idea of just being with them. But now, you go on dates with new people without even thinking about how your ex would feel.

4. You find yourself forgetting about old important details of your relationship.

You used to cling to so many important details about your relationship. You always made sure to think about all of the grand memories of your romance just to keep them in mind. You never wanted to let these things go because these were memories and details that made you happy. But now, you’re over it. You have found new sources of happiness and you’re no longer dependent on your ex.

5. You don’t feel any anger or hatred towards your ex.

It’s common for you to feel some animosity and hatred towards your ex when the wounds of a breakup are still fresh. However, if you let your ex rule your emotions, then that’s a clear indication that you haven’t moved on from them yet. When you let go of all the anger and bitter feelings for your ex, you know that you are in a happier and healthier place as an individual.

6. You don’t stalk them on social media anymore.

If you’re no longer interested in keeping tabs on your ex, then congratulations, you have officially moved on. If you’re still obsessing about what your ex is up to after your breakup, it might be because you haven’t completely gotten over them yet. But if you’re nonchalantly going about your life without caring about what your ex is doing, then that’s a good sign.

7. You don’t feel the urge to want to hang out with them.

In the past, you would have probably found yourself running towards them if they called you. But now, you couldn’t care less. You have new friends and maybe even a new partner. You might even be comfortable with just hanging out with yourself.

8. You’ve completely cut yourself from all means of communication with your ex.

You’ve erased your ex’s number from your phone. You’ve unfollowed them on Instagram and Twitter. You’ve blocked them from your Facebook. You no longer want anything to do with them and you’re sure of it. This is a bridge that you’ve successfully learned because it’s the only way you can healthily move forward into the future.

9. You finally come to terms with how valuable the relationship was to you.

Whether you’re relationship had a positive or a negative value to you or not, you’ve completely come to terms with it. You know you’re over your ex if you can objectively take a look at what your relationship meant to you and just accept it. You’ve accepted that your relationship is stuck in the past and that’s’ where it should belong.

10. You’ve learned to keep yourself from letting nostalgia get the better of you.

You don’t let yourself become a victim of nostalgia anymore. You don’t find yourself thinking about the past. You don’t walk down that road because you know that it doesn’t add value to your life anymore and it might only bring you pain. You are more concerned with the present and the future than you are with the past.

11. You are no longer invested in figuring out who won the breakup.

If you’re still obsessing over who really won the breakup, it might be a sign that you’re not necessarily over your ex just yet. You are still very much invested in how they’re feeling and what they’re doing. You would only know that you’ve moved on if you actually don’t care about who’s winning the breakup.

12. You can be genuinely happy about your ex getting into a new relationship.

And the biggest sign that you’ve completely moved on from your ex is when you find yourself genuinely happy about them getting into a new relationship. You no longer care that you’re not the one they fell in love with. You just care that they’re happy whether or not their happiness is with you.

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