12 Signs Your Man Doesn’t Really Care About You

1. He treats you like a “last minute” option.

You’re not always going to be his first option. You’re not always going to be his priority. In fact, he only ever runs to you when there’s nothing else for him to do; when there’s no one else for him to turn to. You are a last resort in his eyes. It’s like he has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to be with you.

2. He only wants to ever have sex with you.

When you want to have a real relationship that you can really sustain for the rest of your lives, it’s going to have to be built on a foundation of love. And if you notice that he is more interested in your body than he is in your love, then you know that he doesn’t care much about you. He only cares about the sex.

3. He doesn’t introduce you to the important people in his life.

He doesn’t really try to expose you to his world. He doesn’t really want to merge lives with you in general. And that’s how you can tell that he doesn’t really think much of you. In fact, he thinks very little of you. He doesn’t deem you so important that he would want to introduce you to the closest people in his life.

4. He asks you for favors but he refuses to return them.

He doesn’t really make any effort to try to make your life easier. He has no problems with asking you for favors. He is never shy about asking you for help. But when it’s your turn to ask for help from him, you never feel like you can really rely on him. He’s not a very dependable person in your relationship at all.