12 Subtle Signs He Wants To Be More Than Friends

Sometimes, you’re just going to need that little extra evidence to know that he wants something more with you. You might be a little apprehensive at first because you don’t want to come off as assuming and entitled. But you also don’t want to miss out on a chance to put on a few moves on him if you know that you have a legitimate shot at winning him over. But you just need to know that he’s into you just so that you can get a little ego boost as you try to win his heart.

But how do you know for sure that he’s into you? It’s not like all men are going to be brave enough to actually convey their feelings for you. Not all men are going to be so confident so as to just approach you and outright flirt with you. You might be interested in a guy who is a little reserved and shy. But that doesn’t mean that he’s not going to be exhibiting a few signals of his feelings for you every now and again.

If you see that he’s guilty of the following signs, then it’s very much likely that he wants to be more than just friends with you.

1. He goes out of his way to strike up conversations with you.

He really goes out of his way to engage in a conversation with you. He “bumps” into you randomly. He hits you up on your social media direct messages. He is constantly manufacturing ways to start up a conversation with you.

2. He interacts with you on social media a lot.

Whenever you post a new photo, you notice that he is always the first one to give the like or comment. He is constantly trying to engage with you on social media just so he can gain your attention.

3. He clings to you even in group settings.

Whenever the two of you are out with friends, you really notice that he’s clinging to you and focusing his attention to you. Instead of evenly dividing his attention to everyone in the group, he just naturally gravitates towards being with you.

4. He asks you a lot of questions about your life.

He shows a genuine interest in your life. And that’s why he’s always asking you a lot of questions. He really wants to get to know you better. He wants to be able to get to know you on a very deep and intimate capacity.

5. He shows off his goofy side towards you.

He isn’t afraid of showing off his goofy side whenever he is with you. He allows himself to be his true and genuine self just so that you can feel comfortable with being yourself whenever you are around him as well.

6. He will mimic a lot of your habits.

Science says that human beings typically imitate the people that they most admire even when they don’t necessarily mean to do so. That’s why you know that he really likes you if he starts to adopt a few of your mannerisms or catchphrases.

7. He opens up about intimate details of his life.

He doesn’t hesitate to open up to you about the most intimate details of his life. He really does share things with you that you’re sure he doesn’t really share with other people.

8. He gets physically close to you.

Whenever the two of you are spending time together, you notice that he gets closer to you. He isn’t afraid of bridging that physical distance between you two. He does this to establish a sense of familiarity and comfort with each other.

9. He really looks at you in the eye when he talks to you.

He always wants you to feel like you can trust him. He always makes sure that you can feel his sincerity whenever he is talking to you.

10. He smiles a lot when he’s around you.

He is just in a generally happy mood whenever the two of you are hanging out. He genuinely enjoys the time that you spend together. You bring positive energy into his life.

11. He moves his schedule around for you.

He really sees you as a very important human being because he is so willing to move his schedule around for you. He really does make time for you no matter how busy he might be. He’s always willing to accommodate you into his life.

12. He really tells you how he feels.

And lastly, you know that he’s into you if he really does tell you that he likes you. Sometimes, a man can muster the courage to actually tell you how it feels. And whenever that’s the case, it saves you the trouble of having to read the signs and hints.

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