12 Things All Men Secretly Wish Their Girlfriends Would Stop Doing

When you are fresh and young in love, then everything is likely to feel absolutely blissful in the relationship. You are going to see a lot of your partner’s best traits, values, and characteristics. This is often what is referred to as the honeymoon phase of a relationship. However, the deeper that you get into a relationship with one another, the more that you’re going to start to notice EVERYTHING in the relationship – both the good and bad aspects of it.

You are going to start taking notice of the fact that your man isn’t as perfect as he seems, and that he has a few bad traits and habits that you wish you could fix. He never washes the dishes after dinner. He forgets to take out the trash sometimes. He asks a lot of rhetorical questions. These are pretty small stuff that you might be able to look over and just ignore. And the truth is that he has a few grievances about the way that you would be conducting yourself in the relationship as well.

Here are 13 things that all men secretly wish their girlfriends would stop doing:

1. You are always on your phone when you’re on a date with him.

Whenever the two of you are on a date, you always have to make sure that all of your attention is on him. It would really hurt him and upset him to see that your eyes are practically glued to your social media feeds.

2. You nag and complain all of the time.

It’s okay to have certain grievances and annoyances in a relationship. That’s a part of it. However, sometimes, there are just some things that aren’t worth getting upset over. And you shouldn’t be nagging him about them all of the time.

3. You make him wait around for you to get ready.

Whenever you tell him that you’re meeting him at a certain time, then make sure that you actually follow through on your commitment. If you show up late or you make him wait for you, you are essentially telling him that his time isn’t as important as your own.

4. You don’t let him help you.

He loves you and he’s in a relationship with you. Allow him to help you out with your problems every once in a while. That doesn’t mean that you’re not independent. It just means that you’re letting him into your life.

5. You force him to take tons of pictures of yourself.

It’s okay for you to ask him to take a picture of you every once in a while when you’re in a certain spot or when you want to capture a memory. However, if you’re looking to make him a photographer for your little photoshoots, then you might as well hire a real photographer.

6. You tell your friends about the secret things in your relationship.

There are certain aspects of your relationship that are worth sharing with your friends and family. And there are certain aspects of your relationship that should remain intimate. You need to be able to draw that line and make sure that no boundaries are crossed or violated.

7. You post too much on social media.


Social media is a great tool for you to stay connected to the people who are closest to your heart. However, there is such a thing as overdoing it. Nothing in excess is ever going to be a good thing. Make sure that you don’t go overboard with your couple posts. It’s tacky.

8. You force him to change certain aspects of himself.

You should never make him feel like he has to change who he is just so he can be in a relationship with you. That’s not fair to him and it isn’t good for the relationship at all.

9. You ban him from hanging out with certain people.

He should still be entitled to decide who he spends his time outside of the relationship so as long as he stays loyal and committed to you. You don’t get to control who he chooses to surround himself with unless they pose some serious danger to your lives or relationship.

10. You text him too much when he’s working.

You need to learn to respect boundaries. If your guy is at work, then he isn’t going to want to be peering down at his phone all day. He will want to concentrate on what he’s doing.

11. You give him the silent treatment.

Again, it’s going to really frustrate him whenever you treat him as if he’s some kind of mind-reader who should automatically know what you are thinking. Instead of talking to him about something that’s bothering, you just give him the silent treatment.

12. You pressure him in the relationship.

You should never look to pressure your partner to move through the various phases of your relationship too quickly. You have to stay mindful and considerate of the pace in which he would like to be handling your relationship.

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