12 Things That A Guy Is Likely To Lie About In A Relationship

A lot of the time, men are often portrayed as being cold, tactless, blunt, and insensitive when it comes to the things that they blurt out of their mouths. Women are supposedly the ones who send a lot of mixed signals and weird subliminal messages, men are generally believed to be the ones who call a spade a spade. Women are the ones who have a reputation for playing mind games with their words while men just say whatever is on their minds.

In certain cases, this might prove to be true. There actually are certain aspects of life in which men are more likely to be honest, and true. But that does that generally mean that men never lie?

Of course not.

Some lead researchers and experts look into the topic and they found that there are certain lies which men tend to tell more usually than others. And a lot of the time, men are going to want to exaggerate their personal image and their strengths towards others. They are also likely to lie in an effort to portray themselves in a particular manner so as to avoid rejection or negative reactions that may arise from revealing how they might really feel about something.

If you’re curious to know about the most common things that a guy might typically lie about, then this is the article for you. Read on to find out more about what aspects of life a man is likely to be completely dishonest about.

1. His fears and anxieties.

A man grows up and is always encouraged to be strong, stoic, and tough. That’s why plenty of men will not want to reveal their personal fears and anxieties about the situations that they might happen to find themselves in.

2. His sexual history and experiences.

A man isn’t always going to want to be so honest about his sexual history and his experiences. He might be shy about not having enough experience or he might not want his woman to think that he’s just a total gigolo.

3. His insecurities within the relationship.

He’s also going to have certain insecurities especially with regards to how you might see him. But he isn’t going to want to reveal these insecurities to you because he has always been taught to be confident and tough.

4. His cluelessness about his woman’s feelings.

He isn’t always going to want to admit it, but he’s not always going to understand how his woman is going to feel about something. He isn’t always going to understand what emotions might be coursing through his girl’s system.

5. His need for space and isolation.

He might not always be willing to show it, but a man has a need for occasional space and privacy outside of the relationship as well. He still wants to be his own person.

6. His family’s feelings and opinions about his girl.

If he has certain family members who have negative comments about his woman, then he isn’t going to want her to know about them.

7. His crushes on other people.

Just because he’s in a relationship doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to develop crushes on other women who aren’t his girlfriend. But he is never going to be willing to admit this to his girl so as to avoid any potential drama or conflict that may arise.

8. His biggest regrets and mistakes.

Men typically don’t like to talk about any regrets that they might have or mistakes that they are completely ashamed of having committed.

9. His income.

A lot of the time, a man might be dishonest about his income. It’s either he’s insecure about how much he earns relative to you or he just doesn’t want to intimidate you with his large monthly earnings.

10. His stresses at work.

Like most other men, he’s going to have his fair share of stresses and problems at work. But he isn’t always going to want to make these stresses known to you. He isn’t going to want to have you bear his problems as well.

11. His feelings during a fight.

No matter how many times you might ask him whether he’s mad or not, he isn’t always going to be so willing to tell you the truth. He might even be lying to you that he isn’t sad or upset about something that you might have said to him while you were in a fight.

12. His activities and whereabouts.

A man might lie to his girl about his activities and his whereabouts. However, it’s not always because he wants to avoid getting into trouble. He might just be lying to you because he wants to avoid having to answer a million follow-up questions about the truth. Sometimes, a lie is just much simpler to deal with.

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