12 Things to do when someone is hurt

People can get hurt by a number of things, we live in a world driven by impulse and we are mere creations of emotion.

Hurt isn’t always of the physical kind. A person could be hurt due to harsh words, circumstances, lack of emotion or the feeling of failure the list just goes on forever. You will definitely notice a change in behavior when a person is hurt.

Most people just shut down when they are hurt. Did you know being hurt for a long period of time is the first step to depression? I would be hurt too, if my ideals of perfection, were not able to define them self in terms of reality. It’s natural for things not to turn out a certain way; this may dampen someone’s sprit, but make sure you are around to make things better.

How to know if someone is hurt?

Different people react differently. See, no two fingers are equal. Here is a list of things people do then they are hurt.

  1. They switch themselves off, of social media.
  2. They suddenly become distant, you will see them lurking in corners, alone!
  3. For some reason you will always see them listening to music.
  4. You will see them walking is circles. Okay, wired but true!
  5. You will find them eating uncontrollably.
  6. Some people tend to sleep a lot when they are hurt.
  7. Others might just stop eating.
  8. They might seem fine but all of a sudden they will throw a tantrum and be very sorry about it.
  9. They might talk about it, and when you show support.
  10. Some people don’t say a word, no matter how hurt they are.
  11. Others won’t shut up about it.

If you feel that something is off talk to them about it, if they don’t want to talk about it show support anyway.

Things you can do for a Person who is hurt:

1. Begin with a simple, ˜let’s hang out’

You have no idea how good it feels when you are hurt and someone comes up and says hey let’s spend some time together or sit with me at lunch. Spending quality time with someone is exactly what people need when they are hurt. *Continue reading on next page*

2. Food heals everything

Okay, this might sound like an exaggeration, but I am sure there is nothing Nutella, Ice cream and a bag of Doritos can’t heal. Good food has the same effect on the human brain as drugs. A person feels satisfied and better when he has had good food.

3. A night out with friends

It might not sound like much but a person who is hurt needs to know that they have the ability to feel happy again. A night out with friends will have them feeling like themselves, in no time. Well, at least for a while, when they have time to think they will reflect about the good things life has to offer and a night out with friends will be one of those amazing things.

4. Quality time with family

Time spent with family can have magical effect on a hurt heart! Connecting with ones roots is exactly what a person needs when they are feeling down. Family gives a sense of belonging that no one else can give and for some people friends are the best family. If you know someone who is hurt, suggest that they should take a break and go visit loved ones.

5. Let them cry it out

Some people are downright scared of crying, men carry around social norms. When a person is hurt tell them that it’s okay to cry about it. A hurt person might not be able to put his feelings to words and that is exactly what tears are made for. Let them cry it out, crying will help them get the load off their heart.В *Continue reading on next page*

6. Give them a hug

Do you know hugging is known to reduce anxiety and stress levels? When you see that a person is hurt, just go ahead and hug them, they might break down on to tears. That’s okay; pat their back as they cry their sorrows out.

Out with all the negative feelings, in with the positive! This might sound weird but, I have a habit of hugging people when they are hurt, no matter how hard they struggle to get away from it, I keep holding on. Eventually, they end up bawling their eyes out. They walk away feeling much better than they did before.

7. Call them

Call them or leave a message showing your concern. The person might not even reply but trust me it will mean the world to them. What I do is, leave motivational messages along with my concern or say a phrase that would make the person feel good about them self.

I send them messages at times when they least expect them, like sometime during the afternoon or really early in the morning, these are times when a person really needs that extra push to get them through the day.

It’s usually something like, ˜Hey, Elsa you are and amazing person. Your courage inspires me in so many ways. The world needs strong and beautiful women like you. I cannot imagine life without you. I pray that this day brings you contentment of heart and soul. Thinking of you right now and I hope you pull through this situation like a warrior, this was just a battle and I know you will win the war! I love you and I am here if you need anything. Let’s hang out sometime later? Call me when you feel like it, bye’.

8. Watch a funny movie

This might seem silly, but movies can turn your mood around in no time! You would be laughing the whole situation off before you know it. I don’t know why people choose to watch emotional movies when they are hurt or sad, because I would trade anything for a good laugh when I am hurt.В *Continue reading on next page*

9. Motivate them

Tell them how amazing the world is, tell them how amazing they are and how the world needs them to be happy and functional for it to be a better place! Tell them to dress up maybe, have dinner at a nice restaurant. This may bring back the lost spark! Remind them of all the good times you guys have spent together and how there are so many more such moments to look forward to.

10. Tell them that they are special

You need to tell a hurt person, that their presence matters. You need to let them know that they are beautiful for who they are as a person. They don’t need to change themselves for anyone and if life has brought them down, life will give them a change to stand back up.

11. Help get their mind off things

If the person, hurt; isn’t able to fend his sorrow off, divert their attention! Make sure they are busy all the time. My sister was pretty hurt when she couldn’t get into the college she dreamed off. It had been weeks but she was still mourning, I knew this feeling of failure could soon change into guilt or worse, depression.

I got her enrolled into this baking class. I told her friends to join in. At home, I didn’t leave her side for a second. She was soon living her life to the fullest. She looks back and has a good laugh out of the whole experience.

12. Tell them how blessed they are

A person who is hurt needs to know that life has so much to offer than sadness! Tell them that there is injustice, poverty and war in the world and while we sit in the comfort of our homes we are very blessed. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to live in the middle of a war or a society of injustice.

Never leave a hurt person on their own, every human deserves to be loved and cared for. Remember, one never forget the person who was there, when things weren’t right. You might just end up earning a friend for life.

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Have you tried to help someone in need? Someone who’s hurt bad? What did you do to fix their situation? Let me know the comments down below!

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