12 Things You Need To Know About An Aries

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The Aries is indeed a fascinating creature.

They are often the ones among us who inherit a bad reputation because they are confrontational and strong-willed. They have very over-the-top personalities and they also tend to impose themselves on other people a lot and that’s why they can sometimes rub others the wrong way. But there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to the Aries. There is so much to discover about an Aries underneath the rough and rugged exterior. Beneath the surface is a fascinating personality and colorful character that you can discover if you are only patient enough to do so.

Here are a few very common traits and values that are inherent in most Aries people. Read through until the end of this list so you can get a better idea of what a true Aries person is like on the inside. What you typically know about an Aries is just the tip of the iceberg and you shouldn’t deprive yourself of getting to know an Aries for real.

1. An Aries is an inherent leader who isn’t afraid to assume command of a situation.

They are the boss. Plain and simple. They are good at managing people and they are skilled at strategic thinking.

2. An Aries is rarely ever fazed by impending danger.

An Aries is going to be as brave as they come. They would have no problems putting themselves in harm’s way in order to help others. They are also very cool under pressure and they don’t let any impending dangers rattle them.

3. An Aries is spontaneous and just downright unpredictable.

An Aries has a sporadic personality and so you would never be bored when spending time with one. They are very adventurous and they are always down for the most random things. You can never know what to expect with an Aries.

4. An Aries isn’t known to merely follow the flow.

An Aries is always going to be an independent thinker. They aren’t ones who are known to just go with the flow or follow the crowd. They won’t force themselves to do something they’re uncomfortable with just to feel accepted by the majority. They will march to the beat of their own drum.

5. An Aries is very blunt and they don’t really make time for unnecessary fluffs.

They don’t have time for nice comments that you don’t really mean. They have no time for small talk. They want to get straight to the point and avoid all unnecessary comments as much as possible.

6. An Aries is going to be as loyal as they come.

When you win over the trust of an Aries, you have gained their trust for life. They are very loyal and they are always going to have your back so as long as you have theirs

7. An Aries has an opinion about everything and you can always bet on them to express their truth.

You can always expect an Aries to tell you what they believe to be the truth. They would never willingly lie to you out of convenience or to save you from getting hurt. They are always real and you can always rely on them to keep it that way.

8. An Aries is sweet to those who are good and is terrible to those who are bad.

An Aries is great when they want to be. If they like you, they would be infinitely nice to you. But if you get on their nerves, then you’re going to know about it too. An Aries is never plastic and so you always know how they feel about you.

9. An Aries is competitive and they aren’t ones who are known to just roll over and die.

An Aries is never going to just give in just because things get difficult. They aren’t known to go down without putting up a fight. They know the value of hard work and they understand that you always have to put in the effort for the things worth having in this life.

10. An Aries is very sensitive and can get hurt fairly easily.

An Aries projects a very strong and brave personality but even the slightest comment about them can be enough to break them on the inside. They have very fragile hearts and they tend to take comments about them very personally.

11. An Aries doesn’t their time to be wasted.

They are very impatient and they hate it whenever other people waste their time. They value their time because they always want to be spending it doing important things. If they are kept waiting senselessly, they can become very frustrated as a result.

12. An Aries is never known to be one who suppresses anger or frustration.

Whenever an Aries is angry or frustrated with you, you are going to know about it. They don’t suppress their emotions because they feel it would be dishonest to do so.

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  1. Some of them are 100% accurate but others, #12 for example is not true at all. It could be more specific, not all Aries are alike, the day, hour & even minute of our birth makes us a slightly different type of Aries. Just a suggestion.

    1. Iam Aries all the way through and through. And I’m proud to be one. Im loyal to a fault. Brutally honest and don’t have time for peoples bullshit. Learning more about my sun and mood sign has helped me learn more about myself

  2. My daughter, little brother and boyfriend all share these exact traits and for me to be a Pisces it’s a little difficult to keep up with them…

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