12 Things You Should Know About Your Significant Other In A Long Term Relationship

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You might feel like you have a pretty good idea of what your significant other is really like considering how long you’ve already been together. But the thing about relationships that you really have to know is that the learning just never stops. Every single day that you’re together, you’re going to be learning a different thing about each other every time. And these things that you learn about each other don’t always have to be so deep and heavy. They could be something shallow and superficial like discovering that your partner doesn’t like pineapples on their pizza. But the thing is, if you’re truly in love with another, even these superficial bits of information are like gold to you. You would always love making new discoveries about one another because you are always interested in finding out what makes up both of your personalities. The more you know about each other, the stronger your emotional bond becomes as a couple. And that’s very important. As you grow older together, you must always make it a point to always be strengthening you emotional connection in whatever capacity. Getting to know each other better is one of the best ways to improve the intimacy in your relationship.

And while there is absolutely no shortage of things that you could possibly want to find out about your partner, remember that there are some relationship essentials especially if you’re looking to stay together for the long-term. So if you ever find yourself running out of things to find out about your partner, go through this list. This may help you get closer to your partner in ways that you never would have known before. Here are 15 things you should really know about your significant other.

1. You should know how they want to spend their holidays.

If you haven’t been dating for more than a year yet, but you plan on going that long or maybe even more, then you really have to figure out each other’s holiday preferences. You may want to know if your partner likes to spend the holidays with family, and if so, what you should do to prepare for these family gatherings.

2. You should know what their plans and goals are in their career.

If you are really in it for the long haul, then you need to plan for the long haul too. You need to know what you’re partner’s career plans and see if they mesh well with the plans you have for yourself.

3. You should know how they prefer to spend their free time.

Of course, your partner isn’t going to give up their sense of individuality just because they’re in a relationship with you. But that doesn’t mean they get to be secretive either. Get to know your partner by asking what they like to do during their spare time.

4. You should know their coffee preferences.

Or know if your partner even drinks coffee at all. The point is that you get to know the nuances of your partner’s consumption preferences coffee is just one of those examples of those things that require meticulous preparation.

5. You should know their sexual preferences.

You must know how your partner likes it in the sack. Remember that sex is an important facet of building physical intimacy in a relationship. And you should always be in the business of trying to please one another in bed.

6. You should know their culinary preferences.

Cooking for your partner is a great way to show that you care for them and that you really do appreciate having them in your life. But of course, you’re also going to have to get to know what kind of food your partner likes so you know what to cook. Or at the very least, you know what restaurant you’re going to get takeout from.

7. You should know their weekly schedule.

If you really want to get your relationship’s rhythm on point, then you have to get a basic gist of what your weekly schedules are like. This way, you know how you can work around living your own individual lives while also spending ample time with one another.

8. You should know their favorite TV shows and movies.

While this may seem a little superficial, it really doesn’t have to be. Getting to know what kind of media stimulates your partner is a great way to figure out what makes up your partner’s personality. It’s also a great way for you to bond and get closer.

9. You should know how they envision their future family to look like.

This is almost self-explanatory. Most long-term relationships eventually lead to family-building and you want to be prepared for that even early on.

10. You should know their values and their principles.

Fundamental values and virtues are very important in making up an individual’s personality. And the merging of these values between two people is what makes up the personality of the relationship as well. So you really need to assess this aspect of your romance.

11. You should know their favorite forms of stress-relief and recreation.

So that whenever your partner is feeling down or stressed out, you know exactly what to do or say to make them feel better. A happy partner makes for a happy relationship.

12. You should know about their financial status.

And lastly, you really have to be open to one another about money. It might be an awkward conversation to have, but it’s definitely a necessary one if you’re looking to stay together for a long time.

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