12 Things Your Man Does That Make Him Worthy Of Your Love

Because you’re worth it.

1. He genuinely respects the boundaries that you set in the relationship.

He understands that just because you’re in a relationship together doesn’t mean that he is entitled to violating your boundaries or your rules. He understands that he doesn’t have the right to control or manipulate you in any way that he sees fit. He respects that you are still your person, and being in a relationship with him doesn’t give him the right to strip your individuality away from you.

2. He encourages you to be your person outside of the relationship.

He doesn’t want you to be merely content with having the relationship as your entire life. He wants you to be still able to pursue your dreams and goals. He would never force you to sacrifice or give up your deepest passions and most favorite hobbies. He would push and support you on your ambitions.

3. He doesn’t disregard his individual life either.

He still makes it a point to live his own life outside of the relationship as well. He hadn’t forgotten who he was before you first got together. He still holds on to his dreams. He always carries with him his deepest passions. He’s still the same guy that you fell in love with when you first met. He’s probably a better version of that guy now.

4. He pays great attention to the details.

It’s not just about the big things with him. He always makes it a point to pay attention to the details as well. He knows that love isn’t always going to be made up of grand gestures. He knows that it’s the little things that are accumulated on a day to day basis that really help make love worthwhile.

5. He willingly shows you off to the world as his girl.

He would never be someone who keeps you locked away from the world. He would never willingly hide the fact that he’s in a relationship with you so that he can keep his options open. He would never conceal that you’re in love with one another just because he’s ashamed to admit it. He would never do any of these things because he is proud of you, and he would want to shout his love for you to the whole world if he could.

6. He doesn’t pressure you into having to look a certain way for him constantly.

He doesn’t make you feel like you constantly have to be perfect around him. He acknowledges that you are human, and he understands that you can’t always be perfect. He knows that you won’t always say or do the right thing, and he is always really nice about it.

7. He challenges you on an intellectual level.

He really makes you think. He is constantly keeping you on your toes intellectually, and it forces you to really challenge yourself. He always forces you outside of your comfort zone, and it’s right for you because you always end up learning and growing along the way. You become a more developed individual because of him.

8. He treats you like a real queen.

He is a true gentleman. He is living proof that chivalry is still very much in style in the 21st century. He treats you like a queen because he knows you are deserving of royal treatment. It’s not about putting you on a pedestal, either. It’s just that he acknowledges his duty in being able to earn your love and respect with good manners.

9. He stands up for his principles and his convictions.

He isn’t a spineless man who would say yes to anything just to get what he wants. He has his moral codes. He has his principles. He has his independent convictions, and he isn’t afraid to stand his ground on these things. You know that he isn’t fickle-minded, and he wouldn’t be the type of guy who would fall for just anything.

10. He encourages balance and equality in the relationship.

He doesn’t want there to be any imbalances in the relationship. He never sees you as a lesser person or a higher person. He treats you as an equal because he knows that that’s important in making the relationship work.

11. He thrives in consistency and stability in your relationship.

He knows that while thrills are good for a relationship, ultimately, it’s a grind. He understands that relationships are all about being able to establish a solid rhythm between two people. He knows just how important it is to stay consistent and stable in his love for you.

12. He meets all of your needs and expectations.

He understands that in a relationship, he can’t be selfish. It can’t just be all about himself. He knows that while you do whatever you can to make him happy, he should be willing to return the favor. He will do his best always to try to meet your highest needs and expectations because he knows you are deserving of it.

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  1. This is so far the best article , that fits my situation. I wonder…. when is marriage most appropriate?

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